Steve Nash gives news on Kyrie Irving, dampens rumors of a possible return

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There was some optimism surrounding Kyrie Irving’s potential return to the court earlier this week. According to published information, the player, who has been on leave for a while due to his vaccination status, will be reunited with his Nets teammates, and will be lined up both in away games only, and to participate in their training at New York.

With the Nets finding themselves cut off by seven players due to COVID-19, this would be the best time for Kyrie to return. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a reunion will take place in 2021. 

Nash coach clarifies situation

Today, however, Nets head coach Steve Nash did a great job of tempering fans’ impatience. He spoke to the media which published the recent reports, noting a possible return of the player. The manager explained that he has yet to speak with Kyrie about a return to the game and, while he respects the reports that have been released, he simply has no information to give at this point.

“I didn’t and have no news,” Nash told Dave Early of ClutchPoints. “  I communicated with him, but outside the scope of the question and of life in general. We have been in contact last week, but have not had any information or ideas that things are changing. So I know he’s training and would love to play, but I think the limits are still the same as before recent reports. “

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