Stevie J. asks Faith Evans for alimony as part of their divorce

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We haven’t finished hearing about them. The Faith Evans and Stevie J divorce saga continues. The producer wishes to have alimony.

Will Stevie J.’s pension application be approved? 

It appears Stevie J and Faith Evans are still pursuing their divorce plan, although the couple were seen in November frolicking on a beach next to each other.

On November 8, Stevie J filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court. However, a week later, Evans posted a video on her Instagram account where she looked very happy to have soaked up some sunshine on a Malibu beach with Stevie by her side. The caption read: “Free us, bruh!” With Stevie tagged. 

This would have lasted too short. Emotional woes resumed when a video of Stevie J accusing Evans of cheating surfaced on the web and he was forced to publicly apologize to his wife for the vile accusations . And the steps continue towards the divorce continue.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Stevie J. is asking his ex-wife for child support and wants to be exempted from making monthly payments to her. Stevie would then have checked the box that says “spousal or domestic partner support payable” as well as the box asking “to terminate the court’s ability to award Evans support.” He also wants Evans to pay his court costs. 

Very surprising isn’t it? If Stevie’s request is approved, Evans will be ordered to pay a monthly royalty to the successful producer and she would also not be able to collect a dime of the money. The divorce papers do not mention a marriage contract, which is odd considering the two stars have amassed large fortunes through their musical careers.

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