Stevie J thinks about discussing with his lawyers his eviction from a flight by Delta employees

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It is possible that Stevie J will file a complaint against Delta in the next few days. The music producer and his son were kicked out of a Delta flight for failing to comply with Delta employees’ orders very quickly.

Surprising and truly rare event. One of Delta’s flights from Los Angeles to Atlanta was delayed on Friday, December 10. It looked like a mechanical problem, but it wasn’t. Even though the company has acknowledged the disruption in its take-off schedule, it has not really disclosed enough information on the reason, or the identity of those responsible for the delay.

By cross-checking the facts that happened in the Los Angeles airport with what happened with Stevie J, the same day and in the same airport, TMZ shed light on the matter and we understand better what happened.    

The bottle or the theft?

Stevie J may feel like the world is falling on him. He suffered as a treatment that frustrates and devalues. Along with his son, the American producer was the victim of a flight eviction by Delta employees.

It all started this Friday when Stevie J and her son were reveling in the help of alcoholic beverage in the airport terminal. While doing so, the father and his son were waiting in the waiting hall and enjoying the beautiful view, while waiting for boarding to start. This step of the process when you want to travel surprised the two travelers who did not want to part with their bottle. They tried to take it with them on the plane but it was without relying on Delta employees and with the firm instructions they received from their superiors.

 Concerned about the safety of other passengers, Delta employees demanded that the two travelers dispose of their bottles before entering the plane. 

The whims of Stevie J’s son exacerbated Delta employees. While attempting to finish his drink before boarding the plane, Stevie J’s son and father were kicked off the flight.

The hazards of being a father

After this mishap, Stevie J still got the chance to catch the next Delta flight to Atlanta. It was imperative for him to make this trip in order to be alongside his daughter Eva for her twelfth birthday. And for all this, he had to endure this humiliation. In addition, the scene took place in the presence of her son. An embarrassing scene surely for Stevie whose dignity and authority were put to the test. 

The replica of Stevie J

This frustration adds to the ongoing divorce petition between Stevie J and his wife Faith Evans. Even though Stevie J has been seen carting a cartwheel on a beach with Faith, it is possible that Stevie will use the skills of his lawyers in this case to end a 3-year marriage. In the meantime, he intends to share his misadventure at Los Angeles airport with his lawyers, certainly to file a complaint against the company. He told TMZ he thought the event was racially motivated because he looked very upset when consulting Delta employees. 

It is up to the lawyers to seize this opportunity to allow Stevie to access his desire for a reply.

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