Stromae announces the release of his new album called “Multitude”

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After several years of absence, Stromae definitely seems to sign his comeback in the French musical arena. On October 15, the singer from Brussels signed a new release (audio and video clip) entitled ”  Health ”. While this song continues to make the headlines, the member of the Mosaert label has just announced the release of his new album ”  Multitude  “.

Stromae is back, and it’s gone for a while. Music lovers will now have enough to fill the long wait for the Belgian singer. As a reminder, Stromae made his comeback a few weeks ago with the new single ” Santé ” . This is indeed a double shot made by the 36-year-old singer, who simultaneously released the audio as well as the video of the song.

Very appreciated by the French-speaking public, the single “ Santé ” has already accumulated more than a million streams on Spotify. Better still, it came at the top of the top 200 of the most listened to songs on the platform. At the same time, on YouTube, the song has already accumulated more than 19,000,000 views after one month. In other words, for his return to the game, Stromae achieved a real masterstroke.

Anxious to truly seal his triumphant return, Stromae announces the release of a new album. Eight years after ”  Racine carrée  “, the phenomenon of French pop is back with its third album called ”  Multitude  “. According to the singer’s announcement, the project will be officially in stores on March 4, 2022 to the delight of fans.

In addition, it must be notified that Stromae has already unveiled the tracklist of the new opus. Thus, ”  Multitude  ” will be made up of 12 tracks including the last hit piece, ” Health ” which can be found on track number 2. Apart from that, it should be noted that the future project does not involve any collaboration.

Stromae on mini tour from February 2022

mini-tour in sight for the month of February. What better way to confirm Stromae’s return to the international music scene. Clearly, on the strength of the success of his recent hit, the Brussels singer will perform on stage in 2022. Concretely, three dates have been announced for this tour. It is February 22, 2022 in Brussels, then February 24 in Paris (Accor Arena). To close this mini-tour, Stromae will be performing again on the Amsterdam side on February 27.

In addition, it should be remembered that for the account of this tour, all the places are already taken, 15 minutes after the launch of the ticket office. A big performance which reveals to what extent the return of the artist arouses in remarkable enthusiasm among his millions of fans.

In short, Stromae has come back with a lot of good news. In full preparation for his album which comes out in March, the singer will be on tour in February in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. For now, we invite you to stay wired to follow the other details regarding the current project.

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