Styles P thinks he did a much better verse than Jay-Z, DMX, Jadakiss and the others on Blackout

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Styles P looks back on a project from 1998 and feels he did better than the other artists on the Blackout collaboration with the late DMX.

The death of DMX on April 9, 2021, continues to saddle the music industry. His disappearance was not radical either, since he still lives through his works. 

As part of promoting his joint Wreckage Manner project with Havoc, Styles P spoke to HipHopDx. On the menu there were several subjects, mainly the news around the Wreckage Manner project released on December 3rd. He also took the opportunity to talk about DMX.

The dirty work done on Blackout

During the interview, Styles P revealed to have had the toughest verse on the DMX track, Blackout. Blackout is a classic from DMX’s second studio album Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood released in 1998. This track produced by Swizz Beatz with Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch of The Lox as well as JAY-Z , had a great success pushing many music lovers to choose under the background of great debate the best verse of this track.

For Styles P, there is no question of tapping his mind. He considers himself the best. ”  Damn, you mean, ‘What’s my favorite? My verse, n-gga! I don’t even care what nobody else says [laughs],  ”he said in giving his verdict. He compares his verse to those of his other sidekicks on the track, showing that he wrote much more difficult in these times. “  I’m pretty sure I got the hardest verse. Even though it wasn’t the best, I’m pretty sure it was the most aggressive. Maybe I said the most extravagant shit. “, did he declare.

Style P always so sure of himself

Styles P has lost none of his confidence when he gets on a track. He always has in mind the goal of not appearing like the clown in the lot. He takes his writing to heart so much that he gives off the assurance of always making a good impression. He reaffirmed it again during the interview saying, “I always go for myself, but no ‘Blackout’? No me. I think it’s safe to say. You know what it is, if you want me to be honest you know that. I grill shit, I’m not a watchdog. I’m the guy who doesn’t say much but look at my track record and see what I’m rhyme about. Go back, and you’ll never hear that I’ve been toasted. “

Wreckage Manner is both the name of Styles P’s latest collaborative album but also the name of his duet with Havoc. The project has ten titles including Nightmares 2 Dreams. This project comes after the release last July of Styles P’s 14th studio album Solo Ghosting featuring the legendary battle of Verzuz against Dipset. Styles P also received a guest spot on Kanye West’s Donda album. It was on the Jesus Lord Pt. 2 track featuring LOX.

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