Suge Knight Takes Heart-to-Heart About Wack 100, Kanye West, and Other Rappers on ‘Million Dollarz Worth of Game’

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“The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Show,” the weekly podcast hosted by rapper Gillie DaKing and social media influencer Wallo recently hosted legendary Music Director Suge Knight. During this interview, Suge Knight opined without language on some rappers including Kanye West, Tupac and more.

Suge Knight opens up about relationship with Wack 100 and Tupac

As spotted on  On Smash , the Compton, Calif. Native is still serving time for his role in the tragic manslaughter that claimed Terry Carter’s life. Last week, the former CEO of Death Row Records spoke out in his first interview since his incarceration. While Gillie Da Kid and Wallo usually bring their own energy to any appearance, this was obviously another show with Suge Knight. During the nearly hour-long chat, he recalled several iconic moments from the label that changed hip-hop forever.

The American artistic director and music producer who co-founded Death Row Records , recently appeared on the Million Dollarz Worth of Game podcast and spoke about his thoughts on Kanye West, Wack 100, Tupac, and many more. In response to his comments, Wack 100 challenged him on social media.

Regarding Wack 100, Suge criticized him for “talking about issues he doesn’t know anything about ” and for constantly ” trying to put himself down .” Wack 100 responded in a heated exchange, speaking with Eban Films on Clubhouse.

Suge also reflected on his relationship with Tupac, whom he called his “little brother,” and remembered the first day he was on death row. ”  So when Pac got there I sent a private plane and limo to pick him up and whatever.” When he arrives at the studio, I give him a briefcase with a million dollars in cash in it. I’m giving her all this jewelry, all this bullshit, ”he said.

When asked about the origins of the business, he claims he came up with the idea for Death Row, but admitted to knowing Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris. “ I knew Mike through my lawyer. We had conversations about doing something, but at the same time, no one had real money to do nothing. I did it all on my own, ”he explained.

Suge Knight signs contract for biopic

While he was arrested and sentenced to 28 years in prison for intentional homicide and violating the California three-stroke law, a film about famous Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight is in the works, according to Deadline. Knight, who sold his rights to producer Steve Whitney and his company TSW Films, who are planning to develop a biopic on the infamous rap mogul. A decision commented on by the former West Coast rap mogul.

While details regarding his biopic still remain unknown to the general public, it is highly likely that Suge Knight will remain behind bars during the making of the film and even its eventual release. The 56-year-old mogul is currently serving 28 years in prison after killing Heavyweight Records co-founder Terry Carter and seriously injuring filmmaker Cle “Bone” Sloan in Compton, Calif., In 2015. He will only be eligible for parole. ‘in July 2037.

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