Summer Walker and LVRD Pharoh go crazy for each other’s skin

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The web surprised Summer and LVRD Pharoh who each got the other’s name tattoos on their faces. Love seems to be good in the new couple who want to build a path for life.

There is love in the air and it clings to the skin of Summer Walker and her new Prince Charming LVRD Pharoh. The singer who recently released Still Over It seems to be doing very well.

Summer towards a return to a normal life

Summer Walker returns to a normal course of life. His second album served well as therapy to drown his grief following his separation from his ex and producer London On Tha Track. This album even broke records when it became the first album of the R&B genre produced by a woman who started out at # 1 for over five years.
The singer also seems to find a reason to love and it is LVRD Pharoh the lucky one.
On the side of her social life, Summer Walker has promised to interact with her fans more. For example, she has already taken the liberty of advising DaniLeigh to drown her sorrow over the quarrel with Dababy in the studio .

Appreciating words that reassure that all is well

It is often difficult for a disappointed woman to assert her feelings for the next guy for fear of going through the same situation again. But Summer took this step by declaring last month for example the effect that her prince charming has on her. “I am so grateful to have this man. It only improves my overall quality of life, ”she said. Compared to her ex, Summer Walker said, “ I’ve never had someone who put me and my child first. I’ve never had to lift a finger for someone to be truly emotionally and spiritually smart and invest in me. It’s new and it’s good. 

A relationship that is meant to be lasting

Summer’s name can be read on Pharoh’s eyebrow. Looks like the man is very deep in the relationship. The same must also be said of Summer who tattooed Larry next to his eye at the temple.
This gesture of immortalization is a sign that the couple will strive through sacrifices to stay together for life. Hopefully this time is the right one for Summer.

A new source of inspiration?

These first two projects were essentially about her life and Summer is not ready to draw inspiration from her daily life for her artistic productions. We wouldn’t be surprised if the LVRN rapper’s album project didn’t talk about her joie de vivre. The ideal would even be a single to debut 2022 under new auspices.

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