Summer Walker: the sales projections for the first week of his new album “Still Over It” are known

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There is no longer any doubt, Summer Walker is today one of the most promising voices in R&B. In no time, the singer from Atlanta, Georgia has secured a comfortable place on the American hip-hop scene, and with the release of her latest album “Still Over It”, she further confirms her status. . The project released 3 days ago could even make a smashing chart debut.

A look back at the rise of the artist

If we follow the timeline of the 25-year-old singer’s rise, we find that she first captured mainstream attention with the mixtape “  Last Day Of Summer  ”. However, it was only her masterful debut with Interscope that propelled her to the fame she has today, but ultimately it was her “  Overt it  ” project that crowned her.

Released in 2019, this debut studio album won the biggest streaming start to the week for a female R&B artist, a feat for the singer. However, according to the latest reports, it is likely that “  Still Over It  ”, his latest project, will get louder.

“Still Over It” Could Become Best Selling Album from Female R&B Artist

Presented on November 5, 2021 by LVRN and Interscope, Summer Walker’s “Still overt it” album could become the best-selling album by a female artist since Beyoncé’s very famous “Lemonade” . Indeed, the project is on the way to making highly remarkable figures in the charts.

According to projections from Hits Daily Double , the R&B singer has quite the potential to surpass 200,000 sales in her first week. The point is, the record is currently poised to drop from 185,000 to 210 total sales , with almost 12,000  coming directly from outright sales. In other words, with such statistics, the artist has a good chance of finishing first on the Billboard 200 this week, even if she only manages to reach the minimum threshold of sales forecasts.

In addition, the feat will have a particular taste for Summer Walker since the opus would be her first album topped the charts to date. Thus, it would only make a little more of its mark in the world of American hip-hop. As a reminder, on the project, we could see the appearance of artists from the industry, such as Ciara, Lil Durk, SZA, Ari Lennox and more.

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