Summer Walker unhappy with London On Da: she lashes out at him over their baby

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Summer Walker had a funny, unfinished romance with famous music producer London On Da Track . After all the grievances out against the father of her baby in his second album “‘Still Over It”, the star of the RNB comes back to publicly attack him on Instagram.

Revelations on exchanges between the two exes about the follow-up of their child

We would have thought we had heard everything about the anger the 25-year-old artist felt for her ex, producer London On Da Track . However, earlier today, December 20, 2021, Summer Walker erupted on her Instagram account with plenty of screenshots of conversions with her ex-lover.

“She’s not one of your little cars or props that you can just post for influence,” she wrote in her post about their daughter. Which post she will soon be removed from the canvas. She then goes on to say, “I would like you to go. We don’t need you. She has a real father here. We are the ones who are deprived of sleep and take care of her while you do anything. “

The Still Over It singer went on to tell the record producer that he doesn’t need to ‘pretend’ with their daughter, and that she doesn’t agree with him coming in and out. comes out of their lives as he allegedly did. ” Go outside. Pop in. Go outside. Take your popcorn head somewhere else. “

Summer believes that London’s intentions towards their baby “are not genuine …

Summer Walker, the mother of the child has informed the executive producer of Over It that she does not need child support from him, and that she believes that her intentions towards their baby “are not genuine [and] never have been. ”

It is apparently more serious than one might imagine. This time, Summer refuses to ignore the truth about her intentions. She indeed continued her rant in another slide reminiscent of a particularly frustrating altercation with London. “The last time I even asked you if you were involved and if you really wanted [to be a part] of something that we were doing, you changed the subject and you started asking me [about] the credits on the album. It’s disgusting , go ahead, live your life. ”

The singer is not only frustrated, she is also worried about her baby

It’s not just words from an ex-lover that Summer Walker left to her followers, but also those of a mother who is worried about her daughter . She will indeed continue her saga without being able to hide her comfort vis-à-vis the way her daughter’s father and her mother treats her .

“Basically, I leave my child to a stranger . It’s uncomfortable for me . Why can’t either of you show me a picture of your room in [Atlanta]? She is eight months old. You had plenty of time to find him a room. She [probably] sleeps in a cheap foldable bed you bought from Target that you put in a corner. ” Could we read on the account of the star of the RNB. And as if that was all, she still balks:

“OK I’m going to call you on FaceTime now so I can see her room”, “I just asked you for a picture of her room on FaceTime and you hung up on me… It’s not that hard lol, so she has no room. You could have said that last night. Bye bro, drop my baby off . ”

The next message from Summer Walker reads, “and you didn’t go tell me about that fucking bruise on her head, it’s the second time she’s come back with something wrong.” The following texts say “answer the phone” and “lmaoo are you going to hang up on me?”

After freeing herself, she withdrew all the captures she had just made public. Fortunately, @theneygiènehoodtalk will take care of publishing in turn, the responses of the recipient who seems to have read before deletion.

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