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A new documentary focusing on the resilience of rapper DMX, after a lengthy incarceration for tax evasion, began airing on HBO Max since last Thursday. Released on Thanksgiving Day, the documentary titled DMX: Don’t Try To Understand , describes a long process through which the rapper tried to rebuild himself both on a family and musical level, and above all as a reminder that Dark Man X was still at the crossroads between salvation and the struggle against one’s demons.

Beyond the character, a man

Directed by Chris Frierson, the documentary highlights the full spectrum of X as it was: gifted but suffering. He spends most of his time with his eldest son Xavier and his younger son Exodus, which is named after his posthumous album.

“[The humanity of DMX] stands out because these things are all emotions that we experience as humans,” Frierson said. “The intention was really to show these relationships he has with his family, these relationships he has with his past abuse, the relationship he has with addiction. And these are all things that most Americans, or people in general, have a relationship with. “

He added that DMX helped him fight his own addictions: “I partially owe my sobriety to him, to a certain extent, because the last thing he said to me was that I was going to get me. get out. “

Swizz Beatz speaks on the documentary

As one of the close friends and also a producer of X, Swizz Beatz watched the documentary over the Thanksgiving holidays and confessed how painful it was to see X again – although it was on a TV screen. “It was hard to watch but I can’t lie, they did a good job,” he wrote on Friday, captioning a poster for the documentary, before adding “Long live @dmx the Great Go watch now ”, and invite his followers on Instagram to watch the project.

This heartwarming documentary is one of a number of music documentaries that HBO and HBO Max have released in recent weeks. A documentary on the life of the late Juice WRLD titled Into The Abyss will air on December 16. It chronicles the rapper’s fights against fame, his mental health, his drug addictions until his ultimate overdose.

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