SZA officially releases viral hit “I Hate U” on TikTok

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A few months ago, SZA surprised their fans by posting Joni, Nightbird and I Hate U on SoundCloud. All three singles were shared under an anonymous account and fans, still waiting for a new album from the singer for years, reveled in it. Soon after, “I Hate U” became the band’s favorite as fans took to social media with the track, and on TikTok it went viral.

User-posted audio has been used in almost 600,000 separate videos.

True to SZA and cut for TikToK

“Lol I heard tiktok found out about ab ‘I hate you’ today,” she tweeted in November. It’s not hard to see why it made its mark on the short video platform (although some comments are surprised that it took so long). The line to the chorus “  What if you were wondering if I hate you ”, which is followed by a softer “I hate you” response , is tailor-made for TikToks. The title is consistent with the rest of its catalog, which has been described as ranging from neo soul to alternative R&B. Her voice on the chorus is more ethereal, while on the verses she is more akin to traditional R&B with some obvious hip-hop influences. 

The next logical step would be to make it widely available on all streaming services and it looks like the TDE singer has done it. 

While the track remains a staple on social media platforms, SZA fans continue to harass her over the release date of her album. SZA suggested that she scrapped what she had from her next album and created someone new, while stating that there may be delays due to her label.  “I Hate U” is his first solo opus since “Good Days ”, released on Christmas Day last year.

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