T-Pain recovers and questions the willful ignorant

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T-Pain is annoyed by those who allow themselves to comment on other people’s finances. He expressed his annoyance quite nicely.

T-Pain has been talking about him a bit lately on the web. He opened up a little more to his fans and obviously he did too much according to some.

One problem can hide another

Singer T-Pain has been through many tumultuous times. After the 4-year depression following Usher’s remark that T-Pain ruined the music industry with autotune, the notorious autotune user was faced with big financial worries. He did not fail to make the case on social networks. He even claimed to have spent $ 40 million and also revealed a loan in connection with the purchase of the Burger King meals. 

While all his problems were thought behind him, T-Pain was seized last week with his Rolls-Royce Ghost.

When T-Pain seeks to share his experience with others

The news of the seizure of his luxury car is information that may damage the image of the singer but he preferred to share this experience with the web. He posted the video of the tow truck carrying his little toy on Instagram and added a somewhat strong message about the trust of people who know the inside of your pocket. “If you have someone watching your money, make sure you have someone watching them too. The good news is, I’ve been there before and know how to bounce back, so never mind!  Pain said on Instagram. In the video, Pain addresses the driver of the tow truck who was apparently tasked with picking up his luxury toy ”  Watch yourself and watch your business like you watch your bitches. See you on the right side . “

Support for T-Pain

Following this video, many comments were made to support the artist in this ordeal. Bow Wow   questioned the scene, saying, “  No, that must be a fake. This is the kind of truck we use to transport vehicles! It’s not a tow truck! Stop playing with Teddy’s pain.  “. Tamar Braxton just signified her surprise with a ”  Wow  “. So many reactions that suggested a return of financial problems for the artist.

The gesture too much or the perfect answer?

If it is true that Pain had support with even the assurance of some that he will recover his car very quickly, it is even more surprising to realize that the singer offered himself a Rolls-Royce Cullinan this week. .

Is this new purchase a response to the artist’s good financial health or an awkwardness when we know that he could manage to recover his seized cash register?

In any case, the reaction of many Internet users was in opposition to that of the previous week. Many of them berated him for not considering making his money work for a profitable investment. One wrote: “There aren’t enough characters but it’s like:

“TPain’s car is seized”: nigga, are you broke again? ! Why don’t you save your money and buy stuff you don’t need? “. Another added: “  TPain buys an RR:


T-Pain’s reaction

He thought he was doing the right thing by keeping up to date with the web of the happy ending of his mishap, but his surprise was to notice the reviews on his new purchase. And he has not hesitated to return a question to his detractors whom he describes as “deliberate ignorant”. “  If I have money, I have to give it to people who don’t have it. But if I don’t have the money, should I have kept it better? Face with eyeglass honest question. I’m not a jerk, but I often see this pattern. What is the thought process? He asked on Twitter.

In order to avoid any attack, T-Pain re-clarified the purpose of his question by saying that he wasn’t necessarily complaining, but really wanted to understand the “thought process” of people who throw themselves in line with certain people. opinions about the lives of others. 

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