T-Pain said he is about to launch his own clothing line

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Undisputed hip-hop veteran, T-Pain has been in the business for nearly two decades and, although he no longer releases his hits at the same rate as in the mid-2000s, his voice still carries as much weight. While most of his recent thinking is about music and the industry around him, the rapper has recently taken to the world of fashion.

On Twitter, he complained about ill-fitting T-shirts and said he was going to launch a clothing line that would only offer half-sizes. “I’m about to launch a clothing line that only offers half sizes. It’s crap here, my brother, ” he wrote. “A large shirt looks like what I did in a preschool, but an XL looks like I am in the back of a Master P. video.” 

If he was joking about it at first, it looks like fans have bought into the idea, and Pain has said maybe he should make it happen. “I was joking at first, but all of my weird-bodied friends really want this, so I’m going to pick up the phone tomorrow and do this shit for real.” Keep in mind that “I’m in luvit wit a stripper” started out as a joke so lol we’re going to go crazy… get ready for ‘Tee-Pain’.

A critical look at the music industry

Recently Pain called it ”  super worrisome” that the music industry’s current focus is on instant success. After the release of Montero from Lil Nas X , the ”  Buy UA Drank  ” frontman said that rappers are too busy acting to make as much money as they could make if they focused on their humor and their personality. 

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