T-Pain: the rapper denies having had any conversation with Usher, the latter blaming him for his strong use of autotune

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The feud between T-pain and Usher continues. We still remember the confidences of the rapper from Tallahassee on the show “This Is Pop”. Returning to this episode in “The Angie Martinez Show”, he denies Usher’s comments that they had finally settled their dispute.   

A story from 2013

The cause of the quarrel between the interpreter of ” I’m N Luv ” and Usher dates back to 2013. As T-Pedalz himself will explain, during a flight in 2013, the singer Rnb had him reproached for having based his entire career on the use of autotune.

“He said to me, ‘I’m going to tell you one thing man, you really fucked up the music. Yeah man, you really fucked up real singers. “

If the two artists have hardly ever quarreled before, T-pain will quickly take the measure of the affirmations of his friend.

 “I wondered what I had done wrong (…) I just used the autotune. Him, he told me that I had fucked up. But I just used it, I didn’t tell anyone to do the same! “He will tell in the trailer for the Netflix series” This Is Pop “last June.

For the record T-pain is recognized for having spread the use of autotune in the music industry. But Faheem Rasheed Najm is not the creator. Rather, the real inventor of this tone-correcting software is Andy Hildebrand, an engineer from Exxo.

My hypocritical guilt of Usher

Last August, during an interview with Billboard magazine, the RnB singer scrutinized his relationships with RnB artists, but also with other players in the musical world.

Addressing the case of T-pain who then claimed in the Netflix series “This Is Pop” that Usher’s remark “triggered a four-year depression” in him, the interpreter of “U Remind Me” then goes on. does his mea culpa.

“It was very hurtful to know that he had experienced these kinds of difficulties in life.”

 “Private conversations for me have always been meant to uplift. But when or if people get pieces of it, they can always have another interpretation. ”

Usher also claimed in the same interview to have resolved this quarrel with T-Pedalz . “But we’ve spoken since and we’re good .” An assertion that T-Pain deeply rejects.

For the rapper, he realized that his friend had talked about him in the billboard only through the press. And it is at this moment that he challenged him.

Usher had then offered him a frank conversation and not exchanges via SMS. A proposal that had been accepted by T-Pain.

The latter confides to Angie Martinez that since this episode, he had not received any news from Usher Raymond IV .

When the fans get involved

Many fans reacted to the words of the Tallahassee rapper. Many have accused Usher of lying. While others showed their love for T-Pain .

So let’s hope that this quarrel ends quickly …   

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