Criticized after her selection for a prestigious ranking, Cardi B responds with style

A few weeks ago, Rolling Stone magazine unveiled its ranking of the 200 best rap albums of all time . A list that did not fail to react at the time. Today, Cardi B reacts to this classification. ” Don’t try to disrespect me or my job “ In this ranking, Bardi saw his album Invasion of Privacy end up in 16th position, ahead of albums … Read more

Cardi B disavows Page Six over possible release next week

Page Six magazine had revealed that the 29-year-old rapper would release a collaboration with a big name in music. However, Cardi B stepped up to refute this information. There will be no new release for Cardi B next week Fans of the New York rapper have been alerted by Page Six to the release of a new title in the coming days. According to the magazine, … Read more

Cardi B denies rumors of alleged drama between Billie Eilish and her at the Met Gala

With so many personalities in one room, there was bound to be some drama at the Met Gala. Rumors circulating online seem to suggest that this year’s issues were between Cardi B and Billie Eilish , although both artists have denied these claims. Cardi B: from the gala to the party, everything went without drama As you may have read on … Read more

Cardi B tries her hand at the drill on an unreleased track

An amazing flow. Did Cardi B just give us a preview of the content of her upcoming album? Supposed to deliver a long format this year, the rapper surprises by joining the drill artist MC Kay Flock on an unpublished. Cardi B on drill, it’s successful When Cardi B tries her hand at the drill, it gives Shake It , this … Read more


Every week, discover our selection of the 5 rap and R&B clips released in the last few days in the US… On the program today, the sexy trio composed of Summer Walker , Cardi B and Sza show sensuality in No Love , Tyler , The Creator his director’s cap to put in images his clip of Come on, Let’s go , while Nas , A$ap Rocky and Dj Premier … Read more

Cardi B reacts to derogatory comments left on daughter Kulture’s IG page

The virtual world of social networks is well known for its recurring decadence. It is not uncommon to see unsavory initiatives taken. It is precisely this kind of initiatives taken by thousands of people that the page of Kulture (3 years old), the daughter of Cardi B was victim, a few days ago. The American rap superstar speaks about this. The child’s mother … Read more

Lauren Smith-Fields’ family praise Cardi B for helping spark an investigation into their daughter’s death

2022 is shaping up to be a year in which Cardi b will see her popularity rating rise dramatically. Just a week after offering to pay funeral and burial costs for victims of the recent fatal Bronx fire, the Grammy Award-winning rapper has pledged to the family of Tiktok influencer Lauren Smith -Fields whose lifeless body was unfortunately … Read more

Cardi B thanks the media, the jury and her attorneys for their support in Tasha K’s defamation case

Cardi B can finally rub her hands after a long, high-profile legal battle against YouTuber Tasha K. As the rapper won her defamation lawsuit against the blogger, the 29-year-old wanted to thank the media, the jury , his fans and his lawyers for their unwavering support during this difficult time in his life. Cardi B very grateful … Read more


A jury awarded Cardi B $1.25 million in damages in federal court in Georgia on Monday. The rapper has won the defamation lawsuit against blogger Latasha Kebe, known as Tasha K, after a long legal battle. Tasha K with rumors about Cardi B Kebe spread several rumors about the rapper on YouTube videos and on social media. Among other … Read more