When it comes to his potential hit singles, DJ Khaled doesn’t play games. Bryson Tiller once had to realize how serious his songs are. In the current episode of Drink Champs , Khaled now tells how he got the smash hit ” Wild Thoughts ” (2017) to the home straight. Rihanna ‘s involvement led to a few changes of plan. DJ Khaled wants to climb over Tor … Read more

Dj Khaled reacts to his imitation made by Kevin Hart in a promotional video

To publicize his “Reality Check” tour, Kevin Hart impersonated Dj Khaled using “GOD DID” in his promotional video. This did not leave Khaled indifferent. Kevin Hart associates the image of Dj Khaled with his tour for more visibility Comedian Kevin Hart is soon to begin his “Reality Check” comedy tour . He released a funny promotional video last Friday talking about … Read more

DJ Khaled reveals his DJ skills, and this time it’s convincing

This is not the first time that DJ Khaled has tried to demonstrate his technicality on the decks. Left with a failure, the founder of We the Best Music Group split a new video, this time more convincing? A service that divides Internet users Earlier in the year, DJ Khaled posted a video on his networks showing him creating a … Read more

When Dj Khaled celebrates the victory of the Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics “God is great”

Sunday night, a basketball game pitted Dj Khaled’s favorite team, the Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics. Upon arrival, the Miami Heat won the victory to the great joy of Dj Khaled who did not fail to celebrate it. Dj Khaled is thrilled Dj Khaled is known for not deciding on all subjects. On the other hand, he … Read more


While the Miami Heat hosted the Atlanta Hawks on its floor this Sunday, Dj Khaled made a fool of himself before the game, attempting a shot from midfield which he completely missed before being escorted back to his place by security. For all basketball lovers, the start of the NBA playoffs is a moment not to be … Read more

“Call me” MJ declares Dj Khaled after his launch which hit home

In full preparation for the NBA All Stars Game 2022 , Dj Khaled heats the canvas with a video to stoke the fire of the event. The NBA All Stars Game, one of the biggest sporting events in the world In the United States , there is the major sporting event called the NBA All Stars Game . It’s an initiative that brings together … Read more

DJ Khaled mocked for his way of producing beats

Having taken his first steps in the hip-hop industry as a DJ, DJ Khaled has over the years become one of the hottest producers, able to line up certified single after certified single. But now, like any producer, Khaled must also shape his instrumentals. Filmed in the middle of a work session, the mogul has since been mocked for … Read more