Ed Sheeran: smartphones required to access his concerts at the Stade de France

Ed Sheeran will give two concerts at the Stade de France on July 29 and 30. To obtain their places, spectators must download an application on which their place will be kept. A way to fight against the black market. Photo credits: Abaca Ed Sheeran does nothing like the others. Since the end of April, the singer has … Read more

Ed Sheeran opens up about the episode of “South Park” which “screwed up my life.” “

English artist Ed Sheeran says “South Park” ruined his life growing up because of running gags on red-haired children. At the time, the show joked that they had ”  no soul  ” and inspired the ”  Kick a Ginger ” day. Despite this, Sheeran says he would love to give voice to his own character on the show if he ever … Read more