Focus on the new 2021 hip-hop gems

Every year new talents emerge in the hip-hop game and from their performance it is possible to determine whether they are promising or not. 2021 has undoubtedly been an exceptional year, especially given the recovery from the shutdown caused by Covid-19. The newcomers broke the mold and planted their first seeds as the most influential rap artists of the next generation. New talents … Read more

The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” is the biggest hit of all time

Over 2.6 billion Spotify streams later, the song “Blinding Lights” was named the most successful hit of all time. Credit: Rich Fury / GettyImages “GRAMMYs remain corrupt” On November 29th, 2019 The Weeknd released the second single from their album “After Hours” and set new world records. So “Blinding Lights” was named the first and only … Read more

Astroworld police were unaware of the drama: They reportedly filmed the event 19 minutes after the mass movement alert

The death toll from the AstroFest tragedy now stands at nine. As the accounts of the drama emerge, the responsibilities gradually become clearer.  TMZ shared footage earlier this week showing a group of Houston. Police officers standing near the stage during Scott and Drake’s performance . The time stamp of the agents’ video situates the capture of the … Read more

DaBaby unveils new EP Back On My Baby Jesus Shit Again

Ever since DaBaby was put into orbit 2018 with the intro Next Song of his mixtape Blank Blank , it was obvious that he would be one of the greatest rappers of today. Since entering the industry, the Blame It On Baby rapper has proven to perform well in every one of his appearances, and only soars higher each time. After recently announcing their … Read more

The posthumous single “Already Dead” by Juice WRLD is an extract from the upcoming album “Fighting Demons”

A posthumous album will be released on December 10, 2021 in the name of Juice WRLD. This album unveiled Already Dead, one of its extracts today. Initiatives to honor the memory of Juice WRLD who died of an accidental overdose in December 2019 are increasing. Even at 21, the short-career rapper took care to record several tracks … Read more

The New Music Friday Single diary with the posthumous releases of Rick Ross, Beyoncé, Polo-G and Juice WRLD

For this second issue of the recap of musical releases for this month of November, your site offers you a zoom on the novelties of Rick Ross, Beyoncé, Polo-G, Juice WRLD, Russ and many others. The canvas is flooded with new sounds. Finally, we could be a little moved on this last working day of a … Read more

Dababy signs his return with his project “back on my baby Jesus shit again”

Being a star sometimes requires more than talent, it also takes a mind of steel. This quality clearly does not seem to be lacking in Dababy. Despite the reactions from everywhere that marred his personality, the rapper remained unperturbed. In return, the American artist responds to his fans by releasing a new project. He unveils this Friday “  Back on … Read more

Astroworld Festival, Toosii cries out for recovery

The more information about the Astroworld tragedy spreads, the stronger the popular sling against Travis Scott. The rapper suffers a backlash Travis Scott, a growing backlash. The rapper went in the space of a few days, from the status of the best-selling artist in the world to that of the outcast of the industry, from which companies, … Read more

OYG Redrum 781 has died after long battle with bone cancer

When telling the story of rap in the 90s, the most emblematic names that are generally mentioned are: Tupac Shakur or Notorious Big . Obviously, these are legendary lyricists who have left their mark on the hip-hop industry. However, apart from them, there are also a number of hitmakers, such as OYG Redrum 781, who made a strong impression during this era. Very … Read more

Toro Y Moi does an act of charity for the families of AstroWorld victims

The words and gestures of solidarity continue to flow from the artists towards the relatives of the victims of the AstroWorld festival . It is Toro Y Moi’s turn to offer money to these grieving families. Toro Y Moi offers his AstroWorld winnings On November 6, the day after the tragedy at AstroWorld , Roddy Ricch expressed his grief over … Read more