Jack Harlow « Come Home The Kids Miss You » : critique

Personalities in hip-hop can be a double-edged sword. While it is obviously beneficial to have a well-defined identity that the public can identify with, maintaining it can sometimes be difficult. For some MCs, this character can reinforce the idea that they are not to be taken lightly. In the case of Jack Harlow , the essence of his public persona … Read more

Jack Harlow’s debut studio album ‘Come Home the Kids Miss You’ is out

Jack Harlow’s highly anticipated debut studio album, Come Home the Kids Miss You , was released this Friday, May 6 at midnight. Featuring top-notch songs performed by hip-hop and R&B veterans Drake, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne, some say the album could become No. 1 of the year. In addition to his catchy titles, the Grammy-nominated artist named a … Read more

Jack Harlow Admits He Didn’t Watch ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Before Being Cast in Reboot

For many years, the Met Gala red carpet has been known to be the best place to get confessions from celebrities. This year’s edition took place on Monday and on occasion, Jack Harlow did not fail to shine. Harlow reveals his acting role Dressed in an elegant suit by the famous brand Givenchy, Jack Harlow confided that his leading role in the … Read more

Jack Harlow succeeded in coercing Georgia State Police into investigating police choking of black woman

By showing the video of the choking scene, he succeeded in obtaining an investigation into the policeman who attempted to suffocate a black woman. He is now trying to get this policeman fired from the police. “  Growing up, I always dreamed of being that guy who would put Kentucky on the map of the music scene. “. This … Read more


During a Jack Harlow concert, there was recently an incident in which a police officer was brutalized on a woman. The rapper now shared a video of the argument and stood up for the attacked fan. Jack Harlow calls for the officer to be released At a show by Jack Harlow (now streaming on Apple Music ) in Atlanta there was a … Read more

Police release statement after Jack Harlow demands dismissal of officer

Jack Harlow asks fans to track down cop who grabbed fan by the neck Jack Harlow’s concerts usually don’t lead to scandals or viral controversies, but the rapper’s recent performance in Atlanta has caused a stir within the Cobb County Police Department. Yesterday Jack Harlow posted a video which had reached him which highlighted what he considers … Read more

Jack Harlow partners with KFC to donate $ 250,000 to Kentucky tornado victims

Jack Harlow has teamed up with KFC for a year-long partnership aimed at targeting a younger audience.  Jack Harlow is planning a number of activities as part of a partnership with the KFC fried chicken brand. Activities include branding campaigns, a social media presence, menu item launches and exclusive experiences, aimed at ”  ushering in a new … Read more