Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are said to be no longer a couple . This brings Kim K’s ex Kanye West on the scene, who reported via Instagram with a photo of a photoshopped copy of the New York Times. Ye then presents a bold fake headline addressing Pete Davidson’s death. In the fine print, Yeezy makes fun of his (no longer) friend Kid Cudi . Kanye West declares … Read more

Kanye West appoints Steven Smith as head of ‘Donda Industrial Design’

Kanye West has proceeded to appoint Steven Smith as the new head of “Donda Industrial Design. “ Big collaboration between Kanye West and Steven Smith. Hyper busy due to his repeated escapades, his political support campaigns and adventures in the Kardashian universe , among other things, the husband of Kim Kardashian has proceeded to the appointment of a person who will take care … Read more

Kanye West talks… garden hose on social media

Relatively discreet on social networks lately, Kanye West has stood out in recent hours by talking about gardening on Instagram. Yeah, passion for gardening? Never where expected, Ye will not have mentioned his future musical projects on social networks, nor even a hypothetical new initiative related to the world of fashion. Finally very down to earth, the interpreter of Off the … Read more

Will Kanye West take a year off?

Kanye West

Relatively discreet in recent months, Kanye West would have made the decision to move away from the media scene for a year. In any case, this is what one of his close collaborators reports. Kanye West, the need to isolate himself? Since his banishment from the Instagram platform for harassing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye West has been … Read more

Kanye West tackles Kim Kardashian in new sound with XXXTentacion

Even though Kanye West as well as Kim Kardashian would already be rebuilding their lives alongside new partners, the two would still have a hard time getting along. Ye has just sent a verse to the charge evoking the shared custody of his children. Kanye settles his accounts in music Broadcast on streaming platforms a few hours … Read more

Kanye West’s 4th divorce lawyer resigns after two months of collaboration

Rapper Kanye West fired his third divorce lawyer Chris Melcher in March. The lawyer who succeeds him also jumps ship after two months in office. What hides this departure of the lawyer specialized in divorce of Ye? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been declared officially divorced by the court. However, the finalization of the divorce is not yet a … Read more

Kanye West reveals he hasn’t touched ‘cash’ in 4 years

Kanye West is ranked as one of Hip Hop’s top billionaires, however, he reveals that in four years he hasn’t handled cash. Kanye West, the discreet billionaire Kanye West   is one of the rap game’s billionaires. He made his fortune through music and his fashion endeavors. Although he is wealthy, he does not brag about it and surprises … Read more

Jay-Z, Kanye West, 50 Cent: the fortunes spent on their personal safety

Some hip-hop veterans and headliners don’t hesitate to shell out crazy sums on their security. Pell-mell, Jay-Z, Kanye West and 50 Cent would have invested several million dollars to ensure their daily peace of mind. Security, a key but very expensive position Revealed by the company Get Licensed, this ranking lists the personalities spending the most money to … Read more


Kanye West has long found happiness in Christianity. However, this love does not seem to be mutual: the 44-year-old musician is now faced with a lawsuit from a pastor. The reason for this is a song on his album ” Donda “. “Come to Life”: Kanye West sampelt Predigt According to TMZ  , Texas pastor David Paul Moten claims Ye sampled one … Read more

Kanye West wanted to buy the Prince of Bel-Air’s house

Yet another fad from Kanye… With the release of Pusha T ‘s new album , the already acclaimed It’s Almost Dry , comes a never-before-seen revelation. Invited to the long format, Ye took the opportunity to rap about his ambition to buy the house that was used during the filming of Prince of Bel-Air . And Kanye thinks he’s Will Smith? … Read more