Lil Durk briefly stopped his performance in Rotterdam, not appreciating what he considered a disrespect towards King Von from a spectator. Present in the Netherlands this weekend, where he took part in the OH MY! Festival which took place this weekend at the De Kuip stadium in Rotterdam, Lil Durk will not keep only good memories. The rapper from … Read more


Every week, discover our selection of the 5 rap and R&B clips released in the last few days in the US… On the program today, Quavo makes his big solo comeback in the track Shooters Inside my Crib , YougBoy NBA continues to shower his fans with clips with No Switch as Gucci Mane and Lil Durk show off their riches in Rumors . For their part, Benny The Butcher and J. Cole open … Read more

Cordae Deliver From a Bird’s Eye View Album Featuring Collabs With Nas, Stevie Wonder, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, Gunna and More

Cordae has remained faithful to its promise and is releasing its new album for the public on January 14, 2022. The new disc entitled From a Bird’s Eye View shows that Cordae is in great shape. ” While creating this next album, I was compelled to elevate myself in my soul, body, and spirit .” When Cordae made … Read more

Lil Durk announces “The 7220 Tour” pending release of new album

Considered one of the greatest rappers of the new generation, Lil Durk always sets the bar very high to surpass himself. While he had announced the release of a new project called “7220”. The Chicago rapper has just unveiled the organization of a big one-month tour to the delight of fans. According to reports, said tour will be … Read more

Lil Durk refutes report on his fortune: rapper reveals his net worth exceeds $ 3 million

Lil Durk hits the zenith of his success in 2021 Lil Durk has been focusing on his money and his music lately. As one of the industry’s biggest performers in 2021, it looks like he has amassed the money that fully matches his status. At the end of the year, Chart Data announced that it had tied Taylor … Read more

Lil Durk and India Royale plan to fill their bank accounts in 2022

Lil Durk and India Royale have revealed their goal for this year 2022 to the general public. The couple don’t want to be the “biggest couple” of 2022. The two lovers instead want to pump up their bank accounts , Durk said in response to a message from DJ Akademiks . The stories of the heart are not on the program at … Read more

Lil Durk Encourages Kendrick Lamar To Work With Morgan Wallen: “He’s Not Racist, He’s My Guy”

Lil Durk obviously does not want to keep the title of the last rapper who collaborated with Morgan Wallen for a long time. Chicago MC, who recently scored his No. 1 debut as lead artist on Billboard, thinks Kendrick Lamar should follow his lead and record a song with the ” Wasted On You ” singer  . Morgan Wallen wants to collaborate … Read more

Memo600, Lil Durk’s artist would sign at Wack 100

The collective Only The Family (OTF) Lil Durk has affiliates artists and Memo600 one of them. The latter is also about to sign with Wack 100 knowing that it is associated with 6x9ine . As Tekashi has had a big headache with Durk, a conflict of interest may well arise, but Memo600 clears it up. Memo600, Lil Durk and Tekashi 6x9ine … Read more

Lil Durk screamed fed up about the ‘wackies’

29-year-old American rapper Lil Durk , whose real name is Derick Banks , is currently at a bright phase in his musical career. In a somewhat explicit post on his Instagram account, the rapper let it be known that he was tired of dealing with the “Goofies” (crazy). Lil Durk is frustrated despite his many exploits over the past year Lil Durk … Read more

Lil Durk racked up most Billboard Hot 100 hits and equalizes Taylor Swift in 2021

Lil Durk is now a fixture in the hip-hop world. The 28-year-old rapper ranked the most tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021. He’s even dethroned hip-hop moguls like Ye and Drizzy. Lil Durk broke the record in the Billboard Hot 100 2021 has been an incredible year for Lil Durk . From a moderately known and appreciated … Read more