Soulja Boy mocks the death of rapper Trouble

It is an understatement to say that the announcement of the death of Trouble will have reacted. Coldly shot, obviously for a story of the heart, the 34-year-old rapper suffered the mockery of Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy really got no respect Never far from when it comes to triggering controversy, Soulja Boy is this time talking about him … Read more

Soulja Boy, rap veterans are not doing their job for the new generation

For once, Soulja Boy comes out of his reserve to formulate a criticism of the music industry. More specifically, the rapper criticizes the inaction of veterans vis-à-vis the new generation. Soulja Boy say the terms Renowned for never keeping his tongue in his pocket, Soulja Boy attacks this time the older generation of rappers, the one who laid … Read more

Soulja Boy invites young rappers to choose between a musical career and the streets

Soulja Boy wants the rising generation to avoid the mistakes of the elders. He suggested that rappers focus on their careers and not add street-related activities to it. Hip hop seems to be sinking into an unnamed mess. Several artists are subject to legal proceedings and end up in prison. We also have the unlucky ones who are … Read more

Soulja Boy vows to give up rap to focus on acting career

It’s an open secret. American rapper, entrepreneur and producer Soulja Boy has done everything in his life. From creating crazy moments in hip-hop history to designing his own game consoles, the rapper has proven that he has many strings to his bow. However, on the eve of this new year, Soulja makes an important decision for the rest … Read more

Soulja Boy Launches Fans First To Do Challenge And Gets Surprising Responses

While he still recently gave food to grind to Internet users after declaring to be the rapper who did what another rapper has never done, Soulja Boy returned to the charge this Sunday, December 26. This time around, the Chicago rapper decided to drain his fans into his “first to do  ” challenge , and to say the least, the … Read more

Soulja Boy takes his fans on a “first to” challenge: From the most serious to the most fun comments

Earlier in December, Soulja Boy said he was the first rapper to do everything another rapper had never done. This elicited strong reactions from several of his colleagues. After this episode, he brings the subject back but this time, he takes his fans into what we would call the “first to” challenge.  “I was the first rapper … Read more

Soulja Boy threatens to sue Twitch for being banned: accuses platform of racism

American rapper Soulja Boy, best known for releasing the iconic song Crank That, recently threatened to sue the Amazon-owned streaming platform after being banned “without any proof of explanation.” Draco never hesitates to voice his grievances towards his fellow rappers, famous personalities or companies that he believes have wronged him, and this Wednesday, December 15, … Read more