Travis Scott: his first headlining concert since the Astroworld tragedy promises to be boiling hot

Travis Scott will perform a big concert on August 6 at the O2 Arena and, in record time, the stock of tickets planned for this event has been exhausted. Travis Scott signs a smashing comeback The 31-year-old American rapper couldn’t have asked for more . After the tragedy of the Astroworld Festival in 2021, La Flame , as he is … Read more


Accused of inciting the spectators of the Rolling Loud to madness in 2019 and of not having listened to the multiple instructions of the police, Travis Scott is now the subject of legal proceedings at the trial of a young woman injured during her passage. Headliner of Rolling Loud Miami in 2019, Travis Scott had offered a … Read more

Travis Scott’s Astroworld: in the context of a trial, the figure of 4900 injured has been advanced

The Astroworld tragedy still makes noise, because in a lawsuit against Travis Scott and others, the number of injured people revealed is said to be 4,900. Should Travis Scott be worried? As some of the victims of the Astroworld tragedy recover, the number of dead and seriously injured increases. Lawyers Sean Roberts , Jason Atkin and Richard Mithoff gave an update on the victims suing over the incident. What emerges … Read more


Less than 6 months after the terrible tragedy that caused the death of 10 people during the Astroworld Festival, Travis Scott continues his musical comeback through a collaboration with Future and Southside. It will therefore have been necessary to wait almost half a year to see Travis Scott begin his return. It must be said that after the deadly … Read more

Travis Scott: The Rapper’s Net Worth & Income

How much money does Travis Scott have? Travis Scott was born on April 30, 1992 in Houston (Texas) under the real name Jacques Webster II. Today he is considered one of the richest rappers ever. He is also a songwriter, music producer and singer. The rapper has appeared on major works by Jay-Z and Rihanna . He and his (ex) girlfriend Kylie Jenner have been … Read more


Kanye West hosted a listening party at Nobu, a prestigious Malibu restaurant, as part of the upcoming release of Donda 2 . If he had put the small dishes in the big ones for the 1st volume of Donda , with 3 first public listening sessions organized in stadiums in Atlanta and Chicago, Kanye West does things in a more minimalist … Read more

Travis Scott: New clues show that he should be present on “DONDA 2”

Silent for many months following the Astroworld disaster, Travis Scott seems ready to return to music. Today, we learn that the Houston rapper should be present on Kanye West’s DONDA 2 . La Flame seen in the studio with Mike Dean Travis Scott’s career has taken a very special turn since the Astroworld drama. As a reminder, ten people lost during the festival … Read more

Travis Scott Fans Forge 60,000 Signatures on Petition Calling for His Coachella Return

Since the Astroworld festival drama , Travis Scott has been denied a lot and removed from a lot of festivals. This is particularly the case of the legendary Coachella, which replaced La Flame with Kanye West. However, the Texan’s fans had launched a petition on the platform to demand his return to the line-up, and they seemed ready to do … Read more

Travis Scott is the one who sent the address to Kanye West as part of his daughter’s birthday celebration

The links are deteriorating more and more between Kanye West and his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian since their separation. The American rapper had recently found a way to poke his ex-wife’s boyfriend. But the response is terrible because on the occasion of his daughter’s birthday, West sees himself as unwanted at the organized party. Shocked and disappointed with the … Read more

Travis Scott returns to Rolling Loud: Truth or Rumor?

Rapper Travis Scott has had some dark and painful times the past few days following his Astroworld Houston festival which turned into drama. He has been cited in numerous lawsuits amounting to billions of dollars and that is not all. However, a glimmer seems to appear on the horizon, since it seems that Travis Scott will be returning to Rolling Loud in … Read more