Young Dolph killers stole a car the week before the murder

A few months after the murder of rapper Young Dolph , the police continue to carry out investigations in order to elucidate the case. Earlier, law enforcement sources managed to identify the getaway vehicle used by the killers during the drama. The police say they have evidence that the offending vehicle was stolen. The suspects in Dolph’s murder have … Read more

Young Dolph partner Mia Jaye talks about extremely difficult times

The world of American rap is not only made of certifications, new releases, but also violence and tragic events. It is clear that many American rappers lose their lives in terrible circumstances. A few months ago, 36-year-old Young Dolph joined this long list of the dead that never stops. Devastated, her partner finally broke the silence and speaks … Read more

Young Dolph’s suspected killers hire Yo Gotti and Blac Youngsta’s lawyer

South Memphis rapper Young Dolph had become a local hero thanks to the cold punch lines he served throughout a series of mixtapes that led him to a national, if not continental, breakthrough in 2014 . He then went on to string together successes and conquered many hearts in the years that followed. Unfortunately, the young rapper was stopped in his race for … Read more

Young Dolph: contrary to what he announced, the killer did not surrender

While the Memphis Police expected this Monday, December 10 that Justin Johnson surrendered as part of the investigation into the murder of Young Dolph , the latter is still running. 23 years old and rapper On Instagram Justin Johnson aka Straight Drop had promised to surrender . The 23-year-old is the prime suspect in Young Dolph’s November 2021 homicide investigation in Memphis. But the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), the Memphis Police Department and the US … Read more

Young Dolph’s alleged murderer vows to surrender to police

Man accused of killing Young Dolph speaks out after authorities issued an arrest warrant for him. The person concerned says he is innocent and assures that he will go and surrender himself to the police. Justin Johnson claims his innocent and wants to surrender to the police Police identified 23-year-old Justin Johnson as a suspect in the case … Read more

Young Dolph’s killer leaves one more clue, police on his trail

American rapper Adolph Robert Thornton aka Young Dolph was assassinated on November 17th. An armed man shot him in a store in Memphis . If the alleged killer has not yet been apprehended by the police, clues have enabled him to launch a search notice. The suspect is Justin Johnson . The latest clue police spotted is a house in a Justin Johnson clip .  The car in which Young Dolph’s alleged … Read more

Mia Jaye pays tribute to Young Dolph by describing him as a man with a golden heart

Mia Jaye described Young Dolph as a good man with a golden heart at the “Adolph ‘Young Dolph’ Thornton Jr. Avenue unveiling ceremony.  Young Dolph’s inner-circle burial did not end events aimed at mourning the rapper’s death. Today, November 16, 2021, more than 19,000 people will come to the FedEx Forum in Memphis to pay their … Read more