Takeoff announces an NTF “Apes In Space” platform with key rewards

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We have seen people making millions in the new NFT industry. Amid these new billionaires and their friends, hip-hop figures have also made waves, and Migos’ Takeoff is adding his name to this lucrative new industry and is launching himself with a lucky few by his side. 

Takeoff recently announced that they will be launching their own NFT Apes in Space platform this week . According to HypeBeast, “  A presale for 2,000 whitelisted members, or 20% of NFT’s offering, will launch on December 5, followed by a public sale on December 6. “

The Apes in Space website states: “  The Apes In Space team has years of experience in marketing and digital space under their belt. With Takeoff (1/3 of Migos) on the team, the Apes In Space project has more connections to the NFT space than any other collection… We spent months crafting the art of the project and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. “

Once the platform reaches 500 ETH in secondary sales, the project said it will reward an owner of Apes in Space with the equivalent of US $ 25,000 in Ethereum. Two other owners of Apes in Space will receive four tickets to an upcoming Migos concert.

For those who get involved in the Apes in Space project , a privileged few will win certain rewards, including joining Takeoff for a real trip to space. We’ve seen several people catapult themselves into the afterlife and it’s quickly becoming the new normal for those with a few more zeros in their bank account. But in addition to the space trip two people will receive tickets for a Migos concert. 

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