Taker delivers his ambient clip “Game Over”

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After a brief absence Taker is back. The rapper has just unveiled his latest clip entitled ”  Game Over  “. The single is available on all music streaming platforms.

Taker is a French artist of Congolese origin who started rap at the age of 15 in a group and then solo. Author-performer, the artist is determined to carve out a comfortable place for himself in the game and is very open-minded. In total independence, the rapper already has to his credit several mixtapes and an LP released in 2016. Currently, he is preparing an EP which should be released in early 2022. With this opus, the artist intends to stand out by offering festive, positive music. and which is aimed at people who want to enjoy life without the fuss, unlike what is currently offered in this case dark and engaged music.

To make his listeners wait, Taker offers them a taste of the universe of this EP with the magnificent clip ”  Game Over  “. This piece is intended to seduce the women revolving around him and to make a selection in order to find the woman who will make him give in to temptation. Surrounded by beautiful women and his team, the rapper displays all his talent and sets off sharp bine punchlines.

Taker is an artist to follow very closely. His next sounds will surely ambience clubs and parties.

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