Tammy Rivera responds to user who points her out as wanting half Waka Flocka’s money

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Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka have for a long time portrayed the perfect couple. Despite Tammy having daughter Charlie from another union, Waka always remained in the role of a dedicated family man. We were able to enter at times in the life of the couple during their appearances on set on the shows Growing Up Hip Hop and Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka. Since then, the couple have kept a low profile and rumors of their separations have started to escalate. The two artists remained silent on the subject, quite the opposite of certain couples who indulge in sad and not really encouraging shows.

Flea in the ear

Divorce cases are legion in the musical world and often divorce proceedings turn into an opportunity to siphon off the spouse. With this in mind, Waka led a little reflection aloud that suggests he is facing the same difficulty. He left a question for women on his Instagram account and it certainly wasn’t going to please Nicole Young, the wife of producer Dr. Dre. “How do you get married and not split the bills but get a divorce and want half of her shit [emoji thinking].”  “

The question prompted a user to tease Tammy, just to show that it was who Waka was talking about in his post. ”  TAMMY WANTS HALF!” GOOD BLOOD, HE BECAME A WHOLE FATHER WHEN HE DIDN’T HAVE TO.  “

The reaction of a strong and proud woman

The user’s allusion to her prompted Tammy to take action to defend herself. “Honey stfu, I’m not her,  ” Tammy wrote first to clarify. She reassured that it is not about her and that she is an independent woman. She took the opportunity to put an end to this little game by indicating that we keep his name far from all history. Not surprisingly since she and Waka had already started by keeping a low profile.  “I don’t need half of anything from anyone, I have my own bread… Leave my name out of this conversation .” ” 

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