Thanksgiving: Iggy Azalea and BIA talk about flaws in their mother’s kitchen

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Iggy Azalea and BIA spoke badly about their mother on Thanksgiving by pointing out their lack of seasoning in meals.

The celebration of Thanksgiving is still in the news. The thanksgiving feast, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, offers a moment of respite to artists by bringing forth like an anointing of good humor on the canvas and in all lives. And that seems logical since the point is to focus on the wonderful things that have happened. In a world where drama reigns and coexists with anxiety, this festival also allows artists to feel humanitarian through gifts and pleasures that the relaxed atmosphere promotes. While some take care of themselves by offering shows, others find themselves in a spirit of philanthropy while others allow themselves a moment of happiness in a small circle. In this sense, many photos and videos of meals circulate on the web. For this year,JT from city Girls gave her a try in the kitchen with her first sweet potato pie mix . She did not hesitate to share the results of her cooking on Instagram. 

When Thanksgiving recalls an old martyr

While dishes that seem impressive are popping up all over the internet, Iggy Azalea reminds us that not everything that is beautiful to see is necessarily good to taste. She relies on her personal experiences with her mother whom she declares, not really strong, in seasoning. “I love my mother to death but she always says that I learned to cook so well thanks to her and deep down I know the truth is that I had to learn to survive because she does not know not what it means to season food,  ”Iggy wrote on Twitter. She illustrates that she is not hard on her mother by recounting her little brother’s reaction to their mother’s cooking. ” My brother is 21 and it’s only now that he asks for garlic powder… exactly! She only learned about adobo 8 months ago… Imagine the dinners I had to endure . “

As if Thanksgiving was a great time for revelations, BIA jumped into the comments to notify that she’s been through the same ordeal. “Screaminggggg my mom too,” she said under the tweet. “

A little more relaxed life

Iggy had time to draw on his memories to amuse the web. This means that she seems less anxious. Since his last album End Of An Era last August, Iggy has taken a hiatus from his music career in order to explore other sides of the entertainment industry.

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