Thanksgiving with Megan and Pardison

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The couple appear to be getting ready for Thanksgiving

Pardison Fontaine is an American songwriter. He is rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s new boyfriend . The playful couple have been very present on the web for quite some time, and Megan has often spoken about how much she feels loved by the rapper-songwriter. The feelings seem to be mutual and the two lovebirds even brought their statements and their jokes back to Instagram lives. 

We know Megan is a very busy woman, but she always takes the time to have a live session with her fans on her Instagram account. Last night, she was in the middle of a conversation with her audience but Pardison’s presence during the live did not go unnoticed. 

In the screenshots from the comments section of this live, we can clearly see Pardison Fontaire teasing the rapper about their Thanksgiving meal. He was talking about washing vegetables and peeling potatoes. We’re sure this Thanksgiving meal will be a real treat. The couple seem more in love than ever. 

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