The Americans have released their own version of the series “The Squid Game

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The American mini-version of the series turned out to be in country style. Actors Rami Malek and Pete
Davidson sing about their failures and huge debts. As a result, they risk everything and take part in
a deadly competition. All for the cash prize. The new lyrics were overlaid on the melody from Branchez
& Big Wet’s “Turn Up On the Weekend”. The Big Wet musician also appeared in a comic video. “45 billion won is a lot of money. At least I think so. I am confused by the exchange rate, ”sings Rami Malek.


The heroes try to complete the most famous tasks from the game, for example, “Red Light, Green Light” and
“Dalgona Challenge”. The difficulty lies in the fact that all commands are explained in Korean, but there is
no translation. At the end of the clip, we are shown the winner. But this is not for long: the champion still does not know
how to handle money and soon finds himself in the ill-fated game again. True, this time he was less fortunate. Squid Game is a South Korean Netflix TV series. In the story, people who are mired in debt go to the island
to play a survival game. The best participant will receive a large cash reward. For several weeks the project has been in the top and breaks records for views all over the world. Photo: frame from video Squid Game – SNL


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