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A viral video circulating the internet shows Aroy, aka Munna Mond, a member of O-Block, shot dead after winning a brawl in Chicago’s notorious O-Block neighborhood. He was only 23 years old.

Clan wars have become exceptionally normal in the United States these days, and with increasingly democratized access to firearms, individuals are prepared to go all the way and sometimes kill each other. This is what happened today, in O’Block where a brawl took a totally different turn, resulting in the death of rapper ARoy.

The rapper was shot and killed while participating in a group fight

ARoy, whose real name is James Johnson, was shot and killed after a group fight in which he got the better of his attacker, while other individuals involved in the altercation filmed the scene.

A video from Facebook Live shows ARoy and a few other people fighting in what appears to be the apartment complex. Right from the start, ARoy the rapper can be seen punching his opponent before walking away afterwards. A few meters from his defeated opponent, the latter gets up, draws a weapon and fires several shots, fatally hitting ARoy several times. The rapper then collapsed, emitting agonic jolts before giving up the ghost.

The video of the crime, available on Reddit and youtube, was recorded by a woman whose name is not yet known at this point as she is seen screaming towards the end, after ARoy was shot. Sadly this is the case today, as many people often prefer to capture a fight on video rather than call the police. It is obvious that if the young woman had called the cops things could have been different, and ARoy could have been alive.

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