The CEO of the medical company hired by Astroworld discusses some details of the evening of November 05

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After the drama at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas, more than 100 lawsuits were filed against the Rodeo performer and other festival organizers , including Live Nation. They also came under scrutiny for their role in the tragic events of November 5. Recently, the CEO of the company hired by the organizers of the event appeared before the media to clarify some facts relating to the tragic events of the first day of Astroword 2021.

Astroworld doctors responded to 11 simultaneous cardiac arrests 

On Monday, November 15, the CEO of ParaDocs , the medical company hired by Astroworld , addressed reporters and tried to “set  the record straight . ” Explaining that his team faced the “impossible feat” of treating 11 simultaneous cases of cardiac arrest , Mr Alex Pollak said doctors kept rushing into the crowd in an attempt to save spectators. The real challenge his response team faced was reaching and protecting those in need of medical care .

The CEO of the company said his team, which includes former military combat medics, was properly prepared to save lives, but the influxes of crowds prevented them from transporting patients to safety. “  We’ve never been close to running out of equipment and supplies. We could have treated at least double the number of patients, ”Pollak told reporters. “  We did not expect to encounter such a situation in our life at all. It was absolutely horrible,  ”he added. Pollak also added that he believes Scott’s Astroworld set should have been shut down earlier, but acknowledged that a sudden shutdown could have sparked riots, and a potentially worse situation.

Judge Lina Hidalgo loses request for independent investigation

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said last week she wanted to ask a potential third party to conduct an independent investigation into Astroworld. “  What happened at Astroworld this weekend is a horrific tragedy, and the families of the victims deserve answers. There may well be criminal liability, and that is why we continue to fully support the Houston Police Criminal Investigation , ”said Rafael Lemaitre, Director of Communications for Hidalgo.

The Houston Police Chief, Troy Finner, following this statement defended the ability of his service to investigate the tragedy , saying that an independent investigation was ”  not warranted at the moment “. Ms Hidalgo has failed to secure the necessary support from Harris County Commissioners to conduct an independent investigation into the event which Travis Scott was headlining. “  I have really tried to do my best in public and in private to push for this ,” Ms. Hidalgo said. “  What the commissioners have supported is an independent look at the events that are scheduled at NRG Park to ensure they follow best practices. »

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