The children of Shaq, Eazy-E or even Martin Lawrence as well as other celebrities join hands to save a ranch

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The children of several celebrities have worked in a reality TV show. They were exposed to cameras in Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules. 

It will be like a handover between parents and their children. Many celebrity children have grown up in the shadow of their parents and have often been identified with their parents. Only that this too easy method is not to the liking of many who think that children should be allowed to have their own experiences of the world of stars.

It is in this sense that the E! conceived and designed a reality TV show featuring the children of celebrities in an environment as entertaining as it is educational.

An immersion in a Ranch full of cameras

According to PEOPLE, the E! network used numerous celebrity spawns to make the reality show Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules. They are a total of eight children, all from different backgrounds but having in common that they were conceived by famous parents. They participated in reality TV while living on a ranch in Colorado. While at this ranch, they should get to know each other better and make their own way based on their own identity, away from the shadow and image their parent projects of them.

A show for a mission

Far from the personal quest for their identity, the children will work together to revive the Ranch which has suffered the throes of the Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the quarantine has created a real mess and the children will have to put everything in order for the reopening of the Ranch. A noble mission that they will certainly take pleasure in accomplishing. The show will also take care of the case of a budding romance within the ranch without obscuring the threat of one of the actors who threatens to leave the show following a clash with the production.

Who are those who took part in reality TV?

Through this reality TV, it is also the parents of these children who are celebrated. Thus the children will, for the start, be identified with their parent. Among the parents who agreed to let their child participate in this experience, we have Shaq, Eazy-E or even Martin Lawrence . Pat Benatar, Billy Gunn, David Hasselhoff, Ray Parker Jr. and Billy Bob Thornton will also be mentioned through their respective children in this new program.

While waiting to be celebrities too, it makes sense to already start by putting a name on each child of celebrities, present, in the cast. So we have Hana Giraldo (daughter of Pat Benatar), Austin Gunn (son of Billy Gunn), Taylor “Tay” Hasselhoff (son of David Hasselhoff), Jasmin Lawrence (having Martin Lawrence for dad), Myles O’Neal (with for dad, basketball player Shaquille O’Neal), Redmond Parker (with dad Ray Parker Jr.), Harry James Thornton (son of Billy Bob Thornton) and Ebie (child of Eazy-E).

All these children are already visible this December 7 with the first preview of the series broadcast just after the People’s Choice Awards

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