The Game responds to its fans: “Who are you to think you have the right to criticize my music? »

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The Game has shared a few words for his fans who are convinced that he has now lost his level of yesteryear.

The Game responds to its detractors

Passing through the No Jumper podcast , the native of Compton will therefore have taken the time to address a few words to those accusing him of having lost his rage from the start. Broadly speaking, Game assumes 100% of its evolution and the fact of sharing joyful moments of its life on its social networks.

It doesn’t matter if these slices of life earned him criticism going so far as to question his level in rap: “I choose to stay true, to stay myself with my fans and my family rather than looking for money at all costs. Because if I’d pissed everyone off and focused 100% on the money, I’d be a billionaire too. You know, Biggie said it a while ago, “Mo Money Mo Problems. That shit never got to me, ’cause you gotta figure out where it’s coming from. You have someone who comes to criticize you while he is in his grandparents’ cellar, who comes to tell you that you have lost your level. Like, who are you to think you’re allowed to criticize my music, myself or my career?  »

He will conclude: “I don’t care. It’s thug life. »


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