The murder of Young Dolph: an investigation is open

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Young Dolph, also known as Dolph Gabbana, Paper Route Frank or Flippa, is an American rapper whose name is currently trending on the web for a very sad reason: he was shot dead in a store in Memphis . 


On the morning of November 17, Young Dolph goes to a store to buy cookies for his mother. The Makeda store, the scene of the crime, is located in the city of Memphis where the 36-year-old rapper was raised. He was therefore in the midst of a purchase when an armed man appeared out of nowhere and shot him. At 12:24 p.m., Memphis police were at the scene and Young Dolph was pronounced dead. For the moment, the authorities do not seem to have any information on the criminal. 

Deadly retaliation?

In the rap industry, clashes between artists are well known. Young Dolph was therefore no exception to this tradition. We know that he had rather stormy relations with some of his colleagues like Yo Gotti and Blac Youngsta. Following the death of Young Dolph, many rumors are circulating. 

Would Young Dolph have been the victim of fatal retaliation? In any case, that’s what the public thinks about. In this investigation, nowhere was it stated that Youngsta, Gotti or their associates were involved in Dolph’s death. However, the police reportedly decided to camp outside Gotti’s private restaurant, which is located just 10 km from the crime scene.

 Note that Young Dolph had already been the target of two shootings in 2017 from which he miraculously escaped. For now, the investigation is still underway to find out what really happened in this store. Also, politicians in Memphis have called for a curfew following rumors of retaliation. 

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