“The Voice”: the new role of Nolwenn Leroy who will upset the final

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Nolwenn Leroy in “The Voice” ? The fans dreamed of it, TF1 did it! Since the launch of season 11 in February, the former “Star Academy” winner has reunited with Nikos Aliagas for a special appearance in the talent show: she is the fifth “secret coach” who, without her comrades or the candidates are aware, had the right to fish out four talents not selected by Amel Bent , Vianney, Florent Pagny and Marc Lavoine . “I’m going to be the good fairy of “The Voice”. I’ve always been a big fan of blind auditions and often thought it was a shame that certain talents weren’t selected. It could happen that after a day of listening, the coaches miss a few diamonds. I will be able to fix their mistakes by rescuing four talents and reintegrating them into the adventure. I love this idea! There is a human side that I like ” confided the interpreter of “La swell” before embarking on this very special mission, which allowed him to offer a second chance to Jean Palau, Loris, Léo and Kilian .

A 5th finalist drafted in extremis!

After the stage of the battles where the four candidates clashed, two of them were able to integrate the teams of the other coaches: the farmer Jean Palau joined Florent Pagny while Loris became the new recruit of Marc Lavoine , sealing then the end of the role of Nolwenn Leroy. And the lucky star of the latter continued to shine since he won his Super Cross Battle last Saturday, and is therefore one of the 10 tele-hook semi-finalists! The semi-final of “The Voice”, where Florent Pagny will be present despite his health weakened by his fight against cancer, will also be marked by a major upheaval involving Nolwenn Leroy, finally back at this stage of the competition. Indeed, the singer will again have a decisive role: that of saving a talent among all those who will be eliminated.

VIDEO – “The Voice”: moving standing ovation forFlorent Pagny

How will his power materialize? It’s simple, the voting mechanics remain unchanged. Viewers of “The Voice” will thus be able to qualify one talent per team after seeing the 10 candidates perform two songs each: one solo, the other in duet with his coach. Thus, Vike, Doryan Ben and Mary Milton will compete in the team of Amel Bent, and Nour and Lou Dassi in that of Florent Pagny , while Vianney will retain a talent among Pauline, Louise and Mister Mat. Marc Lavoine, he will attend a duel between Caroline Costa and Loris. It is only once the names of the 4 finalists are known that Nolwenn Leroy will intervene to offer one of the six defeated candidates a final chance to become the “most beautiful voice in France”. Whoever she designates will thus become her talent for the grand finale of tele-hook scheduled for May 21… ” You may not be at the end of your surprises ” sums up TF1!

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