The Weeknd wants his summer hit with “Less Than Zero”, chosen as his new single

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After “Take My Breath” and “Sacrifice”, the promotion of The Weeknd’s “Dawn FM” album continues with a third official single. And for the summer season, the Canadian singer decides to bet on the solar and dancing “Less Than Zero”. Listen to the title on Purecharts!
Photo credits: Island / Def Jam
A real sound and visual experience awaited the public with the very mysterious “Dawn FM” , a new album launched by The Weeknd at the beginning of January. After the hits galore of “After Hours” ( “Blinding Lights” – which became the biggest hit of all time in the US – “In Your Eyes”, “Save Your Tears” …) and the consecration of the Super Bowl , the Canadian superstar continued his Hollywood explorations with a movie-worthy record narrated by Jim Carrey himself. “Imagine the album as if the listener were dead. And he’s stuck in this state of purgatory, which I’ve always imagined as being stuck in a traffic jam, waiting to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. And while you’re stuck in traffic, there’s a radio station in your car, with a radio host who guides you to the light, and helps you get to the other side, ” slipped The Weeknd in the pages from Billboard , to better draw the contours of his project, which entered third in sales in France .

Max Martin producing

Thus, in the clips of “Take My Breath” and “Sacrifice” , the notion of time holds a dominating place and it is in the face of an older version of himself flirting with death that he faces. A mythology that should expand a little more with the launch of a new single on the radio. To accompany the holidays on a sunny disco-pop tune, the singer who accompanies Post Malone on “One Right Now”set his sights on “Less Than Zero”. The title, which tells how a former girlfriend comes to consider him a nobody, is a nod from The Weeknd to Bret Easton Ellis’ eponymous debut novel, “Less Than Zero” in French, which gave rise to to a film adaptation under the name “Snow on Beverly Hills” (1987) with Robert Downey Jr. It is notably co-produced by Max Martin and Oscar Holter, the men behind the crazy success of “Blinding Lights”.

 Listen to “Less Than Zero” by The Weeknd:

” Remember I was your hero, yeah / I’d wear your heart like a symbol / I couldn’t save you from my darkest truth / I know / I’ll always be a nobody ” portrayed The Weeknd on synth notes and a guitar that prints the rhythm, plunged into his uneasiness, his heart broken by their inevitable breakup. After “Sacrifice”, does The Weeknd hold there one of the hits of the summer with “Less Than Zero”? A clip should logically arrive in good and due form in the coming weeks!

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