Tiffany Haddish admits she misses ex Common, opens up about their split

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It’s been a month since the two stars announced the end of their relationship. Common commented on the subject, explaining that their job and schedule were the main cause of their breakup. In turn, Tiffany has also expressed herself and admits that she still thinks of her ex.

“I miss him from time to time. But that doesn’t bother me. », Tiffany Haddish

During the month of November, we learned that the romantic relationship between the American actor Common and the actress Tiffany Haddish, was now a thing of the past. What has been confirmed by the two ex-lovers.

Later during an interview on Hollywood Unlocked, Common explained the reasons for their separation. “I don’t think the love has really dispersed. We weren’t nurturing our relationship. We both care about our jobs and what we do. “. However, he had pointed out that he still had a great deal of love and admiration for Tiffany.

He doesn’t seem the only one. Tiffany also appeared in Hollywood Unlocked. She in turn spread the reasons for her break-up with Common, which are not those that the latter announced. “Maybe he’s the type of person who never really settles down with someone, maybe he’s like, you know, like a bee going from flower to flower. I do not know. She told Jason Lee.

But the most interesting is that Tiffany claimed that she still thinks of Common and misses him most of all. ” I miss him. I miss him every now and then, but that’s how I think for all the intimate relationships you can have, you miss them. »She clarified. 

She was quick to add that it didn’t bother her and that she was enjoying the breakup. Is this really the case or should we hope for a reconciliation between these two? Anyway, Tiffany says she is very disappointed with the reasons for their separation that Common previously mentioned.

“I was very disappointed. I was like, ‘Oh, Ok’, because that’s not what you told me, but Ok, ”she said. 

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