Timbaland and Missy Elliot have teamed up to recreate the magic of Supa Dupa Fly

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Timbaland worked on Missy Elliot’s next album. He announced that the project was completed in his own way on social networks. 

Missy Elliot has resurfaced recently and it was as part of receiving the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, an accolade that adds to her long list of honors . Awarded for “breaking through the barriers of the male-dominated hip-hop world and the music industry as a whole, paving the way for many women who have followed in her footsteps,” Missy took advantage of the occasion to greet the many other women who led the fight in their own way.

Already on another front

If she was rewarded for this fight, the rapper intends to lead another and this time against her fear of making music that may be outdated. She seems to have completed a project she has been working on since 2018 with music producer and Verzuz co-creator Timbaland .

Special announcement and any precursor of a novelty was made by Timbaland himself on Twitter on Wednesday 1 st December. He tweeted, “ Who’s ready for this @missyelliott Timbo album ?????  By adding several eyeball emojis at the end.

As a sign of swallowing, Missy Elliot responded in comment with a GIF of herself dancing.

An album like Supa Dupa Fly or just singles?

Obviously annoyed at the high-sensation news the artists have accustomed him to, one fan identifiable by @headphoneaddict brings the ball down and writes, ”  Don’t give me hope unless you have release dates for the joint or for singles  ”. Not to sound like he’s attacking, he goes on to say, “ All jokes aside, you’re one of the last black musical originals. I can’t wait to see the rest of you two . “

For the rest, it will take a little history to be reassured that it is an album. Missy announced at the end of 2018 that she was working on a Solo album with Timbaland with whom she made her first album Supa Dupa Fly. After this announcement, she returned to Twitter to put an end to her inner doubts, given the slowness of the project. “  For so long, I was hesitant to release music for fear that no one would get it because that music changed and my sound was so different,  ” she said. ” NOW I WOULD LIKE hey, work out, make music that feels good to me.” Let me dance your asses again.  “.

This video does confirm that she has continued her album project since this statement dates several months after the release of her EP Iconology.

No date has yet been announced but it is likely that the project will be released before 2022. There are still 5 Fridays left in this last month of the year.

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