Timbaland asks why Dababy’s new music isn’t so acclaimed

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Following the controversy he was enlisted in after embarking on a Rolling Loud Miami rant , it was evident that DaBaby’s career would have lost an ounce of its old marks. Despite the fact that the communities that were targeted by his remarks deemed impertinent have granted him their forgiveness, the rapper’s new project does not receive as much love as the previous ones. This is also an observation that raises questions for producer Timbalad.

A relevant question

During the past weekend, Dababy presented his latest opus ”  Back On My Baby Jesus Sh! T Again “. The project has the poor peculiarity of being its only drop in performance in the charts during this year.

However, it’s worth noting that the six-track EP shows Charlotte’s rapper in his natural element against a multitude of punchy sets. He remained faithful to his brands, and imbaland particularly validated the release. This is precisely the reason why he wants to know why he is not getting enough love on streaming services.

Indeed, through a post on Instagram, the American super producer specifically addressed Apple Music , noting that the rapper was not on the first page of the versions presented. One can join a long panel of reasons for the fact that the streaming service neglected this release of DaBaby .

However, the most plausible and closer to the obvious is that it was an EP, which was released at a time when more prestigious singles and albums were taking the limelight. These projects include pop songs like Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) and Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak’s Silk Sonic.

On the other hand, given that Apple is a proud supporter of the Verzuz franchise of Timbaland and Swizz Beatz , it is possible that the voice of the producer may have some influence when it comes to expressing his opinions on such matters. However, time will tell, of course, whether Apple is willing to heed its message. There is just one way to find out: stay connected to Hip-hop Corner so you don’t miss out on any upcoming news from the American hip-hop industry.

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