Toosii gives homeless man his own Nike Nocta coat

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Toosii is one of those big-hearted rappers who make sure to put smiles back on those who need it, especially as the holiday season approaches. Rising star of 2021 HipHopDX recently used one of his social media accounts to show his fans his concern. 

While in his car, Toosii saw a homeless man on the side of the road in the rain, a sign in his hand. The rapper stopped by and gave the man a yellow jacket from Drake’s official Nike line, NOCTA. The man took the jacket and proudly showed the new gift he received from Toosii: “Show me the jacket,” Toosii told the man. “Show them the jacket. This jacket costs a lot of money. It’s a Drake collab. “ The yellow jacket was one of two jackets that Drakereleased, along with other pieces of clothing, to officially launch its Nike NOCTA clothing line. The jacket is currently selling on StockX for up to $ 1,600, and fans felt the man should consider making a profit from the nugget he held in his hands.

Besides being a good samaritan, Toosi is also a loyal man. 

On a recent stop on his Thank You For Believing tour, a front row fan groped Toosii’s crotch as he performed, and the rapper easily spread his hand. Fans found it odd that a rapper would do this, even calling him homosexual at one point, but Toosii didn’t want critics dragging him for doing the right thing with his girlfriend. “I see the video where I sweep the girl’s hand for trying to touch my private parts is surfacing,” he wrote on Twitter. “I don’t know where the gay jokes come from, but I don’t feed off the Internet. I am an adult. I don’t want to publicly embarrass my girlfriend. “

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