Top 10 RnB Albums of 2021

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Next to hip hop, which is the most popular genre at the moment, RnB is also experiencing its great moments. The point is that the knights of this musical genre put in the energy required to express their talents. Even if this ardor only increases each year, the realities of 2021 are relatively exceptional, because for one of the rare times, many magazines have decided to make the classification of full-fledged RnB albums . For some, this is mainly due to the quality and quantity of the projects that the players in this musical sub-sector released during the year. For others, it may simply be because these artists are experimenting and finding new ways to incorporate the genre into other sounds. Maybe it’s TikTok.

 On this subject, it should be noted that the process was long, but all the artists that you will discover in this top are figures whose creations constitute a sort of culmination of the promoters of the RnB. As for the list in question, it is important to clarify that it is varied, as there you will find albums of newcomers to the universe, some more established stars who are returning to the fold and even other must-have veterans who have decided to make a triumphant return to the game . Will the year 2022 be also rich in exceptional creations for the pleasure of RnB fans? For now, take a look at the Top 10 Best R & B Albums of 2021.. Unfortunately, the ranking cannot match everyone on the list, but you have the option of letting us know in the comments which were your favorites and which ones are missing from the list offered below.

10- Majid Jordan – Wildest Dreams

Majid Jordan has launched into a whole new world with his third album “  Wildest Dreams ” and without a doubt, it seems to have worked out as well as he would have liked. Admittedly, through its various musical releases, this duo has always communicated a singular atmosphere inspired by the years of the classics, but the “  Wildest Dream  ” project seems even more different. In this creation, fans note a certain energetic twist that calls on a number of pop music resources . This is squarely an area he has not yet explored in the past and could explore in depth in the years to come to make it into the Top 5 for sure.

Indeed, if the disc in question was positioned in tenth place in this ranking, it should be remembered that this is notably due to the success of the hit Summer Rain which was downright a real burst of RnB, Pop and electronic music. intertwined on an 80s synth line . Note that the duo also made an impression on the public through the level of softness that is noticeable on almost all of the songs on the album. In short, we can see that through “  Wildest Dreams” , Majid Jordan found his original style to truly break into modern RnB. 

9-HER-Back of my mind

“  Back of my mind ” is Her’s debut studio album . It might seem surprising for more than one to see the artist’s first major musical project rise to ninth place on the top of the best RnB albums 2021. On this subject, it should be noted that most of the new artists who explore this musical genre generally impress by sound exploration. When it comes to HER, he goes way beyond the beaten track to bring fans to the root of American RnB. Each of the songs from this disc takes you on a tour of the best timeless classics . Also, it is important to point out that the singer’s soft voice dominates any rhythm, including hip-hop productions such as Trauma with Cordae.and Find a Way with Lil Baby , as well as the heartwarming, battery-heavy production of Bloody Waters with Thundercat . However, it should be noted that most of the tracks on the album are reminiscent of a guitar and piano ballad that ended up defining HER’s style. Songs like Damage and Don’t are concrete examples to consider. Note that these are full of emotions because of the themes of love and breaking up discussed.

8 –Mereba-AZEB

In 2021, Mereba left an impression on her audience with a new EP that follows her debut feature of 2019 entitled “  The Jungle is the Only Way Out  ”. On this 2019 release, Mereba offered something more meaningful, yet dark, to his fans. This is perhaps what she comes to correct by releasing the EP “  AZEB” which opens on a softer note than that noticed on TJITOWO which made the buzz of her previous EP. When you consider the production, you will probably have the impression that the piano keys are moving you forward. Better the historically slavery native Montgomery singer gives you unadorned measures. The delicacy of his powerful voice and the heaviness of his lyrics are all elements that raise this project to the eighth position of the Top 10 RnB albums 2021.

In the different texts performed on “  AZEB  “, Mereba interweaves the themes that have shaped her . These include her black identity, history, her incessant conflicts as well as love . Note that she is a singer who does not mince words to remind public opinion of the urgency of peace and freedom. This is particularly noticeable in the following words:“Ayy, ayy, it’s a war like every day / Deafeat spread like a disease / I need peace, i need trees / Got me fucked up / Got my bucks up / With my chuks on / And my blunt tucked (” Ayy, ayy , it’s a war like every day / Defeat has spread like a disease / I need peace, I need trees / I screwed up / I have my money / With my chucks / And my hidden blunt). 

These kinds of lyrics continue throughout most of the disc which offers a 7-song tracklist. In the latter, Mereba emphasizes more her talent and her style which she gradually succeeds in refining . Above all, she manages to encapsulate a world of meaning in every line she delivers, pushing for change and empowering her fans, while calming them down with her music in the process.

7-Summer Walker—Still Over It

An exceptional success for Summer Walker’s second studio album  ! The singer’s much-loved prowess on her debut album “  Over it  ” echoes her second album as she struggles to overcome her romantic relationship that has gone sour. This is “  Still Over It  ” produced as part of its London on da Track break-up . This album would have been London’s first overwhelming success as a trap beats maker. For the record, the project in question was the first record by an RnB singer to be the top seller since the advent of “  A seat At The Table” by Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister. Note that this dates back to 2016. Similarly, “ Still Over It  ”is also the best-selling creation in the first week since the famous  Queen B star “  Lemonade ”album, an album released in 2015 . Also in this register, Summer Walker becomes the only RnB singer with Taylor Swift to have entered eighteen different songs in the Billboard hot 100 chart .

What would have earned him so much success and his illustration in the Top 10 RnB albums 2021? To answer this question, it is important to point out that this is mainly due to the consistent technical work and the themes addressed. In this regard, it is important to remember that Summer Walker in “  Still Over It  ” alludes to her former tumultuous relationship with London . Their love ended as the singer was pregnant with her first child and the fourth for the executive producer of her debut album. Besides, she speaks in the title  4th Baby Mama (4 th mother of your children)   “ I know you don’t care because you’re never around. How could you have left me throughout my pregnancy?  “. In this song, the singer even goes so far as to call out to the mother from London in case there is any confusion of address for the listener. 

In short, the album brings fans to the heart of their problems, and if it has seduced more than one, it is thanks to the creativity of Summer. She uses her emotional baggage to create sounds around her disappointment in love by bringing audiences into her personal world . Likewise, it’s worth pointing out that she still has a 90s throwback tint in her world, especially on songs like Insane, Constant Bullshit and Screwin with Omarion – which, too, are some of the most exciting on the album. “  Still Over It  ”. 

6— Yebba-Dawn

Yebba is a singer who, whatever genre they try, can win the hearts of her audience. However, it should be made clear that she specifically blossoms a space that mixes different sonic eras to create something heartwarming in her nostalgia, writing lyrics that feel personal and meaningful. Only 26 years old, she already has a pretty impressive road map. To his credit, there is a Grammy Award (for an interesting collaboration in 2019 with PJ Morton and the privilege of having played alongside the essentials like Ed Sheeran and Drake. In 2021, the stars have aligned themselves well to offer his fans her debut album titled “  Dawn” [her mother’s name].

Composed of 12 different pieces, this opus consisting of RnB neo-soul, pop, folk and Jazz is produced by Mark Ronson at Electric Lady Studios New York. Granted, most of the production comes from Mark Ronson, but there are other contributions from Yebba herself as well as one-off guests like Kaytranada and DJ Dahi . Those names alone give you an idea of ​​the quality of the production minds that were behind Dawn.

Indeed, the success of “  Dawn” and its rise in the Top 10 of RnB 2021 albums would be due to the strength of the genre mix, the magic of her voice, her emotional charge and above all the scope of the different themes scrutinized. Clearly, the 26-year-old singer stood out on all the moods she goes through in connection with the mourning of her mother. Listening to him, we soon notice the pain of absence and memories tremble in his soft voice. At the same time, she also talks about love, disappointment and life. Note that from the majority of the sung phases, we understand that this is a hymn to courage that Yebba dedicates to his fans.

On the aesthetic side, Yebba is reminiscent of someone like Dusty Springfield with the retro character of a song like “Boomerang  ”. Elsewhere, the influence of vintage blues is less pronounced, turning more towards pop or contemporary r’n’b and hip-hop. As such, one can evoke songs like Smino with “Louie Bag”, while his voice remains a powerful centerpiece on “  Love Came Down  ” and ”  Stand  ”, while a song like “  October Sky  ” explores a style. more folk. – influence à la Sufjan Stevens.

5- Snoh ​​Aalegra—Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies

Snoh Aalegra is a singer who has managed to capture the hearts of many r’n’b fans with 2019 ugh, that feels again , her second studio album released under ARTium from No ID. This does not mean to neglect her debut album either, but the singer has gradually climbed into the spotlight of r’n’b thanks to the strength of her woozy and nostalgic voice and her hard work. Regardless, there was a lot of anticipation for her third studio album, Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies , and this one didn’t disappoint.

Indeed, thanks to the production of No ID and some significant collaborations in the game, Snoh creates her own sound universe, building on the sound she established in her previous projects . Like Mereba, the singer also seems to be taking fans to the roots of RnB. The point is that all of the tracks on the record in question seem to be tinged slightly with the glamor of the 80s [and sometimes the 90s too]. It therefore seems to be inspired by the aesthetic creations of these two decades.  

However, it is important to specify that it brings a clean and modern touch to it. The album opens in vintage fashion, with a chipmunk-voiced Snoh ​​reflecting a lover who is gone, but not forgotten, before his voice turns into a sweet piano jingle, as the singer berates her. former partner. This is not, however, synonymous with the singer’s being based solely on grief. The beautiful proof, we can feel her going through the different stages of the heart, from lascivious passion [ Taste ] to overwhelming doubt [ Violet Skies ] through the couple’s daily argument [“In the Moment  ”].

4 — JMSN —  Heals me

Real name Christian Berishaj, JMNS is an American singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is one of the artists who are constantly underestimated in the RnB game. However, he embarked on the adventure since 2012 with the release of his album “  Priscilla  “, a project written and produced by himself. From this introduction, he practically released an album every year. However, after the release of the opus titled ” Velvet  ” in 2018 , the native Texas singer disappeared from the media radars by leading another life away from the stage. Fortunately, he returns in 2021 with a typical brand new project. This is the album “  Heals me », A project purely inspired and rooted in Latin music. Note that each of the sounds offers an aesthetic particularity to the fans. 

Rolling Stone introduces you to the sound with softness and ease, before the Spanish guitar appears on What Did I Get Myself Into. Spanish guitar maintains a frequent appearance from there, while JMSN himself also dabbles in Spanish lyrics on Donde Estas. In addition, it should be noted that JMSN does not hesitate to cross Latin music with other genres and apparently specific vintage influences whenever it sees fit. To this end, we can evoke the song Don’t Make Me Change which has attracted more than one. It is downright a success for JMSN long neglected and which finally manages to occupy a space of its own when it comes to the world of r’n’b. Its illustrationin the Top 10 RnB Albums 2021 is real proof that efforts always pay off when they are delivered at their true value.

3-Silk Sonic— An Evening with Silk Sonic

Silk Sonic is a duo group made up of Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak. Recently entering the world of RnB, they recently promised fans to have a gift just in time for the holiday season with their first studio album under the Aftermath label. The duo kept their promise by actually launching the long-awaited project, “An Evening with Silk Sonic” and the latter gives another surprising impression on the group. Indeed , the album really takes American RnB to another level, giving the impression that it could have rightfully been released in the ’70s with a funk-inspired sound .

Consisting of 9 tracks, “  An Evening with Silk Sonic  ” is an album where Silk Sonik takes fans to a different place and time, somewhere with bell bottoms, burnt orange shag rugs and full live bands always in the spotlight. fashion. Note that there is a whole mix of notes from instruments including saxophone, trombone and violin. However, it’s not just the production, which imbues the album with its retro feel. Anderson and Bruno help their cause with their catchy voices.

Furthermore, the album follows a clear musical and relational arc. Indeed, it opens with smoother and slower jams in the single Leave the Door Open, where the duo’s relationship seems to be new and in full bloom, before building up to the centerpiece of the album with their second single Smokin Out the Window . In this last song, we notice that love seems to be souring, which assumes that something is changing – leading us to Put on a Smile where the singers seem to be on the verge of defeat. The vibe doesn’t last too long though, as they uplift us quickly with the next three songs, each exploring a different side of a good time, ending with a “  Blast Off”sweet and psychedelic. It is thanks to all this configuration and aesthetic innovation that “An Evening with Silk Sonic” was able to shine in the Top 10 RnB albums 2021.

2 — Tems —If Orange Was A Place

Tems unveils 5 songs in his Ep titled ”   If Orange Was A Place  ”. In recent months, it should be noted that the Nigerian sensation has gone from her status as a local RnB singer to that of a star internationally. As a reminder, she has already been noticed recently on the same tracks as legends like Khalid, Drake and Justin Bieber . It is precisely all these collaborations that constitute his ball of energy on his new EP released after his solo project For Broken Ears    launched in 2020. Indeed, in ”  If Orange Was A Place », Tems draws his audience into the intimacy of his feelings by singing hope, love, seduction as well as broken love. On the technical side, there is a soft mix of neo-soul and afrobeats that go perfectly with his powerful and tender voice.

The dancehall-lite vibes of “Crazy Tings  ” and “  Replay  ” are punctuated by the ”  Found  ” on the acoustic guitar, reminiscent of American RnB star Brent Faiyaz . In short, with “If Orange Was A Place” , Tems has succeeded not only in fully satisfying the appetites for its punchy and pleasant voice, but has piqued the interest of the public thanks to its confidence and its aesthetic innovation.

1-Serpentwithfeet – DEACON

Real name Josiah Wise, Serpentwithfeet is a much sought-after artist , but he remains less well known internationally. Despite her streak of collaboration with names like Ty Dolla $ ign and Kanye West, to Bjork and Ellie Goulding, her fame has long remained mixed. Fortunately, now is the time for him to receive the praise he is due, following the release of his famous successful project, “  DEACON”. Through this album, the singer decided to explore the dimension of subjects that many people dare not address in the world of traditional RnB and even less in hip-hop as a whole. These include the themes of Black, gay love. Serpentwithfeet bares the soul through the 11-track opus in a way that is both familiar and refreshing.

However, it is important to point out that the project’s rise to the Top 10 RnB 2021 albums is not only due to the lyrics contained in the titles. The artist also owes this success to the production which is richly beautiful and experimental . Note that this aspect is managed by itself.

 You have just discovered the Top 10 RnB 2021 albums , do not hesitate to share your impressions with us. Also, you have the possibility to notify in comments your favorites for this classification and other singers who should appear there.

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