Toro Y Moi does an act of charity for the families of AstroWorld victims

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The words and gestures of solidarity continue to flow from the artists towards the relatives of the victims of the AstroWorld festival . It is Toro Y Moi’s turn to offer money to these grieving families.

Toro Y Moi offers his AstroWorld winnings

On November 6, the day after the tragedy at AstroWorld , Roddy Ricch expressed his grief over this tragedy and gave his full support to the victims. He also donated all of his festival winnings. Said earnings were the result of his appearance on stage three and a half hours before that of guest star Travis Scott. Toro Y Moi embraces this same logic and donates all of his funds earned at the show to the families of the victims.

An ad made on Instagram

The social network Instagram stands out as the favorite channel for stars to make announcements, apologize or express their support. It is therefore no surprise that the choice of Toro Y Moi fell on him to bring to the knowledge of the community his generous act of donating his obtained earnings to AstroWorld to help the grieving. In addition, his entire band and team will also donate their income from the Travis Scott Festival.

On her story, the artist wrote: “  I would like to send my condolences to the families of those who were killed at AstroWorld last week. Losing a life at a concert is incredibly sad and overwhelming as an artist. It took me a few days to assimilate and understand what happened. As support, my sales and management teams, my group and my team, as well as myself, donate all of our fees and any benefit to the families of the victims of the event. To profit from this event seems completely out of place to me and I would like to encourage other artists to consider helping in one way or another  ”.

The winnings in question were obtained during Toro’s visit to the AstroWorld stage from 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, November 5. At that time, there had been no fuss and the performance ended in a cheerful way.

Travis Scott was the first to take the initiative

Before Roddy Ricch made the announcement that he wanted to give his earnings to bereaved families, Travis had made this pledge. Indeed, the rapper had promised to financially support all the relatives of the missing from his event. Unfortunately, this outpouring of support from Scott will not be enough to free him from the consequences of the crowd movement that occurred at his concert. He and Live Nation stand at risk of losing millions of dollars in the ongoing legal proceedings.

Megan Thee Stallion the star of the US RAP also pledged yesterday (November 10) to support the families of the victims , although her contributions are unknown at this time. This might come as a surprise, as the rapper did not take part in the AstroWorld festival. In fact, it’s a surge of support for her native community, since Megan is originally from Houston, Texas.

Which artist do you think will follow in Toro Y Moi’s footsteps by donating to the grieving families of the AstroWorld Festival?

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