Tory Lanez blames Rick Ross for not sending the Smart Car he allegedly bought

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Tory Lanez always seems to be after Rick Ross, for what he considers a false promise. The Toronto rapper recently took to his Instagram story with a post, to publish a post that mocks the smart car promised by Rosay, but which so far seems untraceable. In the post, Tory took a piece from Rozay’s cover for his upcoming album Richer Than I’ve Ever Been with a caption referring to the smart car. In the photo Ross covers his face with his gloved hands, and Tory flipped this image to express his despair: “  Me after 13 months of not having my smart car,” Tory Lanez wrote in the cover image of Rozay.

Last year, Tory Lanez found himself in a controversy when he allegedly shot rapper Megan Thee Stallion . After that, he released an album called DAYSTAR in which he denies all charges against him, especially shooting Megan The Stallion in July 2020. Rick Ross is one of the artists who criticized Tory Lanez for releasing this project. “  Tory Lanez, bad decision bro, drop this project,” Rick said in a video. “This is not how you approach the accusations you face with a sister. It was a bad choice, mate. ” 

Later in another video, Ross went so far as to poke fun at Lanez’s height , saying he bought him a Smart car that he would give the rapper as a gift ”  Hey, I just bought a car for Tory Lanez. I have a gift for the release of the album. It’s you. I heard you just did a double acrylic on Datpiff. “

Lanez has been pretty fair about it since Ross made his comments asking when the Smart car would arrive at his doorstep. In September, Lanez once again complained on social media that he still had not received the car: “Bruh…. that n-gga @RickRoss still hasn’t given me that smart car, ” he tweeted . “I think he thought that because we were both rich, I wasn’t really going to ask for her after the fact. … .. Where’s my car, Rick? Lololol. “

Ross replied, ”  First of all, little boy, I appreciate how quickly you responded to Rozay, but that’s how you should have done with the sister who accused you of shooting him.” above. That’s what you owed his family. That’s what you owed all black women in America. “

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