Tory Lanez stops brawl at concert by singing for arguing fans

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Artists are more and more aware, during performances, of what is happening in their audience, and Tory Lanez is not on the sidelines. 

The Astroworld tragedy forced artists to pay more attention to their surroundings. Travis Scott has been the subject of not only backlash and collective ostracism, but also nearly $ 1 billion in lawsuits from thousands of Astroworld attendees, and now several artists are taking time to stop their show to check if everything is going well in the crowd, 

But Tory Lanez faced a different problem when a fight broke out during his performance

The singer-rapper is preparing for the release of his 1980s capsule Alone At Prom and performed on Monday, December 6, on the stage of the O2 Academy Brixton in London, to promote the record. However, he had to interrupt his gig for a while after some fans got into an argument. ”  Hold on, hold on, hold on,” he first told the crowd in clips surfacing online. When the music stopped, the emcee said to his group, ”  Don’t stop the music n *** a”. 

A TikTok user shared the moment Lanez approached the brawl by singing for those involved.“Please, no fight,” Tory sings to the crowd. “  While I’m singing this stuff, no fighting. “ Then he went instructions sung to an exhortation to stop the exchange of blows. “Tell my man there, no fight. Aye, c’mon. No fight. “ He returned to sing, and this time, he talked about his legal problems. “I am already facing enough shit. I’m already facing some tough shit. I’m not trying to catch another case in this b * tch. Relax, ”he sang.

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