Travis Scott: his lawyers deny tooth and nail his responsibility in the Astroworld tragedy

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The number of lawsuits filed by the victims of the Astroworld Houston concert on November 5 now climbs to 300. The majority of these lawsuits are directed against the rejected Travis Scott   and the promoters of the event. However, the singer’s lawyers demonstrate by all means that he is not responsible for the tragedy.

A “far-fetched” accusation

Lawyers say holding Travis Scott financially responsible for the Astroworld tragedy is “far-fetched . ” To this end, one of his defenders Nick Rozansky declares “  I think it would be an exaggeration to put this on the backs of Travis Scott  ”. The lawyer also maintains that the financial responsibilities will certainly be attributed to the promoters of the event and to the security companies.

Apparently, we could well see “finger pointing  ”. This is what emerges from the statements of counsel who had explained that: “It is not uncommon for all the defendants to start suing each other for identity and contribution if they are found responsible”. Should we expect a similar situation?

Another geek dumps Travis Scott

Bryan Sullivan, another fairly knowledgeable man on the matter also spoke in the same vein as Scott’s lawyers.

According to him, “hypothetically, an artist can be held potentially responsible, although this does not appear to be the case here. You can be a very violent person in a place where there has been a fight, but not have punched ”. Sullivan also explained that Scott’s reputation, words, past behavior and legal troubles are not enough to stand in court.

He goes on to explain that for the rapper to be held responsible, the law requires him to adopt specific behavior that prompted the incidents … He states that: “What did he do at Astroworld that night? This is the question the courts will ask ”. According to this man, Travis will likely be removed from the case , unless damning charges are raised.

State of the legal situation in the Astroworld Houston case

At the moment, the situation is overwhelming for everyone involved in the Astroworld festival. Indeed, Yahoo Finance tells us that the 300 lawsuits amount to a colossal sum of approximately $ 3 billion . The heaviest financial lawsuit has been brought recently by a group of participants against Live Nation, Apple and of course, Kylie Jenner’s companion.

The plaintiffs claim $ 2 billion and claim that: “  The catastrophic incident and the resulting carnage was easily foreseeable and preventable had the defendants acted reasonably prudently in planning a large-scale festival like Astroworld  ” .

Will the rapper be totally relieved of all responsibility in the drama? Will the other defendants pay dearly for their involvement? We will find out soon enough.

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