Travis Scott returns to Rolling Loud: Truth or Rumor?

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Rapper Travis Scott has had some dark and painful times the past few days following his Astroworld Houston festival which turned into drama. He has been cited in numerous lawsuits amounting to billions of dollars and that is not all. However, a glimmer seems to appear on the horizon, since it seems that Travis Scott will be returning to Rolling Loud in 2022 .

A return to the stage difficult to predict for Travis Scott

The devastation of the Astroworld tragedy for Travis Scott is also noticeable in business terms, as he lost very important contracts with brands like Dior and Cacti. His citation in more than three hundred lawsuits brought him enormous harm, as Scott was even taken out of the Coachella 2022 festival despite offering to perform for free. This means that the situation is very critical for the star.

Still, the 30-year-old rapper apologized profusely , offering his condolences to the families of the victims and offering to pay for the funeral. Sadly, the fate of the cancellation has targeted Travis in recent weeks and it will be difficult for him to return to the forefront. However, the situation is likely to change according to the latest rumors.

Fans announce Travis Scott’s presence at Rolling Loud Miami 2022

Following the announcement of Rolling Loud Miami 2022 , some hip-hop fans believe Travis Scott could make his return to the stage as the headliner of the event. He had previously performed as the headliner of the Rolling Loud New York 2021. His participation this year is far from guaranteed given recent events, so what could have prompted such assumptions from? the fans ?

It is certainly the tweet sent by the official Rolling Loud account on Twitter that is the cause. This post could allude to the rapper’s return , or, at least, that’s what some people think.

“  This presale is for fans who are confident in the process  ,” the tweet said, which some believe could foreshadow Travis’ placement in the lineup . After all, he calls his fans “angers”. Rolling Loud continues by tweeting “  All of our concerts are successes, so know that …”.

Also, Rolling Loud had already posted on Twitter a cactus emoji that could refer to Travis Scott , since the cactus is part of the rapper’s brand. Moreover, his foundation bears the same name: Cactus Jack. Rolling Loud then “liked” several quotation tweets about the rapper “SICKO MODE”.

Although Rolling Loud’s tweets don’t clearly show Scott’s possible participation in the festival, they still raise doubts that cannot be ignored. In any case, an appearance of the rapper at this festival will be the opportunity for him to start going up the slope , especially since he is making great efforts to be forgiven. Indeed, the companion of Kylie Jenner joined the government to develop a strategy to strengthen security in concerts. This act is without counting his proposal to pay for the funerals of the victims and to support the families.

Rolling Loud performance as a headliner would be a great opportunity for Travis to come to terms with his community. How do you think fans would react when they heard that the rapper would be in attendance in 2022?

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