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Accused of inciting the spectators of the Rolling Loud to madness in 2019 and of not having listened to the multiple instructions of the police, Travis Scott is now the subject of legal proceedings at the trial of a young woman injured during her passage.

Headliner of Rolling Loud Miami in 2019, Travis Scott had offered a boosted performance, as he is used to, in front of an audience in a similar state. However, things had degenerated slightly and the rapper, definitely in a daze, had even called on the very many spectators present to go wild. In the crush, several people were injured and a young woman, Marchelle Love, seriously affected during the festival, had chosen to take legal action against the organizers last year. Held partly responsible by the victim’s lawyer, Kylie Jenner’s companion has just seen his name added to the procedure.

Travis Scott
Travis Scott at Rolling Loud Miami in 2019


Strong words against Travis

As reported by Billboard , which revealed the case, the victim’s lawyer notably underlined the words of Travis Scott to the public, while explaining that the latter had deliberately ignored, knowingly, the various instructions of the police. : “Despite being ordered by authorities to cease such incitement to the public, Travis Scott continued, verbally and physically, to incite the public to do pogos and other hazardous activities […] Despite the fact that Travis Scott was aware and could clearly see that some people were injured, suffocating, fainting, fighting and being trampled on, he continued his performance as paramedics attempted to assist the injured.. It now remains to be seen how the case of a Travis Scott will be approached who, despite this new affair, continues to teaser as if nothing had happened for his next album, which we only know will be called Utopia .

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