Travis Scott to be pulled from upcoming Kardashians reality show due to Astroworld Festiva tragedy

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He is in the process of moving from the chair of lead actor to that of viewer for the upcoming Kardashian family reality show. It is Travis Scott who continues to pay the costs of the tragic stampede of the Astroworld Festival.

Bad news follows for Travis Scott who attended the after-party of the Astroworld Festival without being, he says, informed of the loss of life caused by his festival. The tragic incident that left 8 people dead and 12 injured during the Astroworld Festival continues to damage the Houston rapper’s once-top reputation. If an official investigation already opened and a complaint pinning the founder of the Cactus Jack Foundation are already heavy sentences added to the feeling of guilt of Travis, he will now have to live with the remorse of no longer appearing on the new reality show on which the work is working. Kardashian family. The news comes from Radar Online which is based on a source very close to the Kardashian family.

Famous rapper Travis Scott was a key character on the reality show which stars him to some extent. This media stunt that he has surely already appreciated, he will no longer be able to take advantage of it, because the Kardashian family wants to protect their audience. Indeed, an appearance of Travis Scott can push viewers to make counter-publicity for this show. And furthermore, we don’t see Hulu agreeing to air this new show if it includes Travis. Indeed, the streaming channel co-managed by The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, Comcast and WarnerMedia has a reputation and a turnover to grow.

Travis Scott put in front of a fait accompli

Travis Scott cannot blame the Kardashian family since even if his responsibility were to be cleared in this tragedy, it would not be for now as time is on the Kardashian family.

“ The cameras have been rolling for months. The investigation will go on for a long time without anyone knowing the result. It’s the last thing the Kardashians  want to talk about when they return to TV. The source said to show that the momentum cannot stop.

Travis will be a little consoled since the show which was to focus on the birth of her second child with Kylie Jenner will just reduce this sequence without completely removing it.

The shortfall for Travis Scott

The wave of anger rising over Travis Scott has been all the rage on TikTok, Twitter and all social media. This wave sparked a movement of people not to listen to the music of Travis Scott. Thus, on the Swedish streaming platform Spotify, Travis Scott is currently on the way to be one of the artists that several users classify in the category of musicians not to be made them listen to. This state of affairs creates a huge shortfall for the rapper.

In addition, to drown his sorrow, he decided to cover all the funeral costs of the victims and offer additional assistance to those affected by the festival in Houston. In practice, Travis has partnered with BetterHelp for free online one-on-one therapy and is also seeking a partnership with NAMI, MHA National and MHA of Greater Houston (Mental Health America) to refer anyone in need to health services. appropriate mental. To benefit from these free therapies, you will need to register at

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