Travis Scott was reportedly alerted to the state of the crowds at the Astroworld Festival by the Houston Police Chief

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The Friday night incident at the Astroworld Festival could have been avoided if Travis had heeded the Police’s recommendations. This is the takeaway from the statement made by the Houston Police Chief.

The City of Houston Police and Fire Department were under heavy demand on Friday, November 5. If crowd supervision is part of the routine missions carried out by the men in uniform, the 360 ​​police officers and 240 security officers mobilized were obviously not prepared to face the chaos that there was at NRG Park. as part of the Astroworld Festival. A deadly stampede was unleashed and presented a sad toll of 8 dead and 12 injured. The mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner informed in the wake of the opening of an investigation. On Saturday, the day after the tragedy, Travis broke the silence and said on social media: “I am absolutely devastated by what happened last night. My prayers go out to the families and everyone affected by what happened at the Astroworld festival. The Houston Police have my full support as the investigation into this tragic loss of life continues . ”

Travis Scott singled out by law enforcement

Travis Scott finds himself solely responsible for the murderous stampede. Indeed, the police chief, Troy Finner seems to have fulfilled his part of the job and is relieved of his responsibility. According to the New York Times, Troy would have visited Travis Scott’s trailer in person to convince him of the potential risks of crowds overflowing if the festival continues and the artist takes the stage. Popular fervor did not allow Scott to consider the potential risks presented to him by the competent authority. He went on stage and it followed around 9 pm, a crowd movement with jostling forwards and a balance sheet that it is better not to recall.
For the fire chief, Travis Scott had the possibility of limiting the damage by suspending his service. For him, Travis had the microphone and all the arsenal needed to channel the crowd with just a few words. “The only person who can really ask and get a tactical break when something is wrong is this performer. They have this bully chair and they have a responsibility, ”the fire chief Samuel Peña told The Times.
This statement comforts those who claim that Travis continued his performance despite the crowd movement.

From beloved child to dragged to justice

Travis Scott has proven how much he loves his hometown. Its Cactus Jack Foundation works for the improvement of living conditions and the development of its community. So many acts that have allowed Travis to be in the hearts of the people of Houston. However, the Friday night drama has already turned the hearts of some.
The first complaint against Travis was filed on Sunday by one of the people seriously injured in the incident.
Texas law firm Thomas J. Henry Law tweeted an article published by the Daily Mail on Sunday about the lawsuits. The law firm has confirmed that Kristian Paredes, the 23-year-old Texas-resident plaintiff, has filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and Drakefor causing havoc. Drake’s name appears for the simple reason that he took the stage to accompany Travis.

The complaint also targets the concert organizers, Live Nation, and the performance hall. According to the same complaint, “ Several people begged Live Nation security guards for help, but were ignored.  ”
Until we have more information on the rest of the proceedings, we offer our sincere condolences to the grieving families.

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